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Students from Northern Middle, Southern Middle, and Southern High attend MASC State Convention

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Delegates from Northern Middle, Southern Middle, and Southern High attended this year's Maryland Association of Student Councils state convention in Ocean City from April 5 - April 7, 2017.  Students from GCPS and ACPS joined forces and traveled together to be a part of the general assembly of over 700 student leaders from across Maryland.  The theme of this year's event was "Leaders by Day, Superheroes by Night!" Allegany High School and Washington Middle School from the Allegany Association of Student Councils organized and hosted the conference this year.  Advisors accompanying the GCPS and ACPS delegations were Ms. Amy Rowan, Ms. Y. Michelle Harman, and Mr. John Logsdon as well as Mrs. Tammy Twigg and Mrs. Kara Kennell.
           Student delegates sitting in a row in general assembly at conference.    Student delegates enjoying free time on the Ocean City beach.
Students who attended this year's conference participated in a variety of workshops, heard campaign speeches for state candidates for MASC offices, attended four General Assembly sessions and an awards ceremony, and had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities planned for delegates in the evening.  Sheyenne Tichnell of Southern High School and current Student Member on the Board of Education presented a workshop with Kristina Holsapple entitled "Defining Your Personality:  Do Opposites Attract?" which focused on leadership styles based upon Myers Briggs surveys.  Logan Mason of Northern Middle and Sheyenne both served as campaign staff members for candidates for 1st vice-president (Avery Klein) and presidential candidate Sabrina Rusch.  Logan and Sheyenne also reported out to the entire General Assembly of over 700 students in their State of the Region report and slide show.
         Logan Mason and Sheyenne Tichnell present State of the Region Report.          Logan Mason speaks to the general assembly in the state of the region speech.  
Students were also treated to workshops by nationally known speaker, Mike Smith who talked to students about leadership, his passion for helping others, how to start a non-profit and most importantly, how to go from wishing to talking to DOING!  Mike's non-profit group "Skate for Change" skateboards through communities donating items from their backpacks to needy and homeless.  Mike is a motivational speaker, consultant, and ambassador.  For more information on Mike visit or
                   Mike Smith speaks to the students at end of conference general assembly.  Motivational speaker Mike Smith.  Mike Smith speaks to students.
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