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Summer Food Service
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Summer Food Service Triathlon


Try a Triathlon this summer - Swim – Bike- Run- Walk- any exercise

The Garrett County Public Schools Summer Food Service Program is introducing a free, self-supported, noncompetitive multi-sport adventure for kids.

Children in Garrett County (or anywhere) can participate in the Summer Food Service Triathlon. You can download a form from our website Click here for an activity log or pick one up at one of the summer feeding sites (check the website for locations). Every Friday from June 28th until August 9th , stop by one of our summer feeding sites and bring your activity log. If you have added any time or events to your log, there will be a fun weekly prize. The names of the children who meet the goals will go into a drawing for a grand prize.

Students are required to complete one (1) hour of swimming, two (2) hours of walking/running, and three (3) hours of biking.

Always swim with a life guard or a buddy. Do not forget New Germany State Park has a beach area and free admittance.

Students can substitute swimming, walking / running, and biking from any activity from the list below:


Jump Rope Soccer Tennis

Kayak / Canoe Baseball Tag Games

Exercise videos Football Frisbee

Hiking Skateboarding Farm Work

Yard Work Kickball Any sport or outdoor activity you like


BE SAFE- Ask permission from your parents first. Read the safety information with your parents:

  • Multi- sport events can be especially demanding. Your health and safety considerations come first!
  • Select your event, then choose a place designed for your activity, such as a park. Avoid isolated or remote locations, or locations with a lot of automobile or boat traffic.
  • If you feel sick - STOP and get a drink. If you do not feel better, get help!
  • Swim where lifeguards are posted and only in designated areas. Always swim with a buddy.
  • Always wear a helmet while cycling. Wear all necessary safety gear for all events.
  • Obey all road rules including signs, turn signals, stop at lights, and ride predictably.
  • Ride on the right side of the road in the same direction as traffic.
    If riding off-road, ride with others and within your ability level.
  • Do not wear headsets. Use your ears to be aware of your surroundings.

Always think SAFETY FIRST !!

Don’t forget to share photos of yourself in action – #gcpssummer or email them to