Special Education

Partners For Success

Partners for Success (PFS) is a program through the Garrett County Board of Education whose goal is to enhance the quality of education for students with special needs by supporting parent and school involvement. A Parent Liaison is employed by the
Board of Education to coordinate and provide information and training for parents and educators throughout the county and serve as a resource for school and community services. In Garrett County Public Schools, the Partners for Success Parent Liaison is Sondra Tasker.
Workshops, seminars, newsletters, and trainings provided by PFS will reflect parent and community needs and may include sign language, sibling workshops, support groups, estate planning, behavior management, understanding IEPs, and dealing with challenges of
specific disorders. PFS also has an ever-expanding lending library for parents, students, and faculty. Books on a variety of disorders, behaviors, as well as sibling support and understanding are available. If you have an interest in a specific area or know of a book, magazine, website or other material that is a valuable resource, please feel free to contact Sondra at any time.
Sondra can be contacted at the Southern High School Office of Infants and Toddlers/Partners for Success at 301-533-0240. Please leave a message or email sondra.tasker@garrettcountyschools.org.