Special Education

Infants and Toddlers Program

The years between birth and kindergarten are such an important time for child development.
They are growing, playing, learning, and getting ready for school and later success in life—all at a faster rate than any other time. While all children develop at different rates, some young children experience delays in their development.
Families are critical to children’s development and know their children best. If you’re having any concerns about how your child is interacting with others, learning, and participating in daily activities, or using appropriate behaviors for getting needs met– don’t wait.
Take the first step to determine if your child qualifies for services. Text CHILD to 818818.
All local Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education programs are open and conducting evaluations and providing services. All services are provided at no cost to your family. By starting early, you can make a big difference in helping your child reach his potential
Garrett County's Infants and Toddlers Program
The Garrett County Infants and Toddlers Program is a family-centered system of early intervention services for young children with developmental delays and disabilities— and their families through an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). By recognizing each family's concerns and priorities and focusing on each child's strengths and needs, the Garrett County Infants and Toddlers Program assists families of children with special needs during the first four years of the child's developmental journey. Garrett County Public Schools is the lead agency for this program.
Maryland’s Extended IFSP Option
Maryland’s Extended IFSP Option offers families the choice to remain on an IFSP beyond their child’s third birthday, if their child is determined eligible for preschool special education and related services as a child with a disability. The extension of IFSP services beyond age 3, incorporates the strength of the special education/preschool education program with the existing infants and toddlers family-centered model. The Extended IFSP Option moves Maryland toward its mission of creating a seamless birth through 5 early childhood intervention and preschool special education system of services
For information on Infants and Toddlers Program contact:
Deneice Crites, GCPS Birth-Five Coordinator
Early Intervention Services (birth to age 5) Staff:
  • Deneice Crites, Birth-Five Coordinator
  • Melanie Williams, Diagnostic Prescriptive Teacher
  • Glenda Sisler, Special Instruction Teacher
  • Sherri Fredlock, Speech Pathologist