Southern Garrett

High School

Students of the Month

Student of the Month: Achievement in the Classroom

Student of the Month (SOM) winners are selected by departments every month for their achievement in the classroom. In recognition of being the SOM, winners receive:

  • $5 in Ram Bucks which can be used for any school event or function (games, lunch, after prom, etc.)
  • Picture recognition in The Republican, and the school newspaper, website and yearbook.
Students of the Month
December Students of the month
Jakob Long--Social Studies
Cody Lee--English
Olivia Morre--Mathematics
Lauren Sharpless--Science
Sara Manley--World Languages
November students of the month
Kadi Simpson--CTE-NIMS
Keristan Bateman--Science
Angelica Michaels--English
Teresa Wolf--Social Studies
Chloe Hunter Olson--Matematics
October Students of the month
Katherine Catulle--Mathematics
Victoria Miske--CTE-Computer Science
Vanessa Calling--Financial Literacy
maria Walch--English
Haillee Dewitt--Social Studies
Zhou Dong--Science
September students of the month
Allison Fitzwater--Instrumental Music
Corey Cousins--CTE-Culinary
Katherine Catulle--Science
Jonah Adams--Technology Education
Brandon Green--English
Holly Buckley--Social Studies
Sheyenne Tichnell--Math