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Southern High School Students Participate in Spring Social Studies Fair

Last Updated on Jun 13, 2017 at 8:50am | Southern Garrett High School

Southern Garrett High School students enrolled in Ms. Rhonda Tasker’s period 3 world history class and Ms. Heather Savage's United States History class competed in the Spring Social Studies Fair conducted at the school at the end of May.  

Students in Ms. Tasker's class completed a cultural project about various countries around the globe.  The criteria for the country project included a presentation board, traditional food and music, a constructed model and a technology component. All projects required extensive research of various standards in social studies. Juniors Jazlyn Tasker and Megan Beachy won Best Presentation for their project on Mexico, and juniors Sarah Kisner and Georgianna Powers won Best Model for their project on the Dominican Republic.

Mrs. Tasker's Social Studies ClassPictured:  Mrs. Tasker's Class


Participants from Ms. Savage's class completed oral histories of local Vietnam veterans, family history projects, historical fiction projects, or historical webpages. Freshman Lillia Rose was the winner of the Outstanding Public History project which recognized a project that contributes to broadening public history understanding of historical topic— fostering broader public reflection and appreciation of the past. Honorable mentions went to freshmen Katie Catulle, Stephanie Hogg, Brianna Holland, Tad Rodeheaver, and Andie Ward.  Freshman Katie Catulle was the winner of the Outstanding Presentation which recognized a presentation that is visually appealing and informative. She displayed professionalism and commendable knowledge of topic. Honorable mentions went to freshmen Evan Lewis, Lillia Rose, and Mason Wolf. Freshman Tad Rodeheaver was the winner of the Historical Innovator Award which recognized commendable creativity and innovation in approach to research, interpretation and/or presentation of historical material.  The recipient of the Excellence in Historical research and Interpretation Award was freshman Parker Meyer.  He was recognized for conducting comprehensive research, utilizing a wealth of historical records, documents and sources. Analysis and interpretation of historical events or persons was commendable. Honorable mentions went to Katie Catulle, Hailey DeWitt, and Lillia Rose.

Andie Ward's social studies projectAndie Ward: Oral History of Vietnam Veteran Jim Glotfelty


Brianna Holland's social studies project

Brianna Holland: Oral History of Vietnam Veteran Terry Schlossnagle


Evan Lewis' social studies projectEvan Lewis: Family History of Evans Family


Hailey DeWitt's social studies projectHailey DeWitt: Family History of the Rockwell/Stoner Family


Katie Catulle's social studies projectKatie Catulle: Oral History of Vietnam Veteran Gene Johnson


Lillia Rose's social studies projectLillia Rose: Oral History of Vietnam Veteran Robert Thoms (Cajun Bob)


 Mason Wolf's social studies project.

Mason Wolf: Oral History of Vietnam Veteran Donny Callis


Parker Meyer's social studies project.

Parker Meyer: Family History of Liller Family


Stephanie Hogg's social studies projectStephanie Hogg: Oral History of Vietnam Veteran of Russell Sines


Tad Rodeheaver's social studies projectTad Rodeheaver: Historical Website of The Crash of Buzz One Four: A plane crash that almost went nuclear


The Social Studies fair was held in the school’s media center where students presented their projects to various judges, social studies teachers and classmates.









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