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High School

Peace Corps Volunteer Visits Southern Garrett High School

Last Updated on Dec 22, 2016 at 1:46pm | Southern Garrett High School

Natalie Henson, a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru, stopped by Southern Garrett High School to give a presentation on her experiences in that country. Meeting with JROTC cadets, band, agriculture, and Spanish students, Henson explained how she became a volunteer and the duties she performs in Acolla, Peru. The students learned the premise behind the Peace Corps, the three months of in-country training Henson completed, and the developmental goals of the Peace Corps in conjunction with the goals and ideas of the countries the Peace Corps serves.
"When I came to Peru, I didn't know how to speak Spanish. But after a year, I can speak it very well. Also, the experience of helping the town with a community center, living with my host family, and learning the culture is a unique and wonderful experience," said Henson.
          Henson presents to the students at Southern Garrett High School.
          Henson receives a certificate of appreciation from Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Ralph
          Sheaffer, senior JROTC instructor at Southern.
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