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Current Students Transcript Information

Are you a current student and needing a Transcript? The Guidance Office asks that you give them 3 days notice, especially if they need to meet a deadline!! Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Follow these steps to request a transcript:

Fill out a request to see your counselor--checking off 'Transcript'. The following items are needed when you are called in to see your counselor:
  • A list of the school(s) where you want transcripts sent.
  • $1.00 for each transcript you request.
  • Counselor Recommendation form, if needed.
  • Application (and essay if required), unless you applied online.
Note: Give teachers at least a week to complete recommendations. Once you have collected all your recommendations, turn these into the Guidance Secretary.
Guidance will then mail completed packets to each school. Please allow a week for Guidance to process everything.

Graduates Transcript Information

If within 5 (five) years from graduating, call Southern High School guidance office and they will assist with completing the necessary paperwork and information.
If over 5 (five) years from graduating, follow these steps:
  • Go to the Garrett County Board of Education Website.
  • Click on Departments
  • Click on Pupil Services
  • Click on Transcript/Diploma Order
    • For a diploma order fill out the application at the bottom. The request will go to the BOE.
    • For a transcript orders click the high school of graduation. The next screen is the transcript application which needs filled out entirely leaving a contact phone number and email. The request will go to SHS guidance office.