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AP Information

Greetings from Southern HIgh Guidance!
As AP coordinator, I will try to keep you posted of important information about AP this year.
Here is what you need to know and do now:
1) Please create an account for yourself in Schoology, if you have not yet done so. Then, I can add you to the AP Schoology group. I set up this group this morning and am still needing to add some parents. When you have an account, please email me so I can add you to the group. I am trying to communicate about AP through the Schoology account.
I am attaching to this email important forms for ordering AP exams. These forms can also be found in the Schoology AP group. The forms include:
AP exam order form - the priority deadline to order exams for students who are enrolled in an AP course this Fall is Oct. 23. The fee this year is $95. Students who are enrolled in any Fall AP courses, need to order and pay for their exam(s) by Oct. 23. Students who are not in an AP course until Spring, can choose to order now or wait and order at the end of January.
Parent request for reduced fee form - if your family meets any of the standards on this form, you may request a reduced fee for AP exam(s). You still need to pay $53 per exam by Oct. 23. The form needs to be returned to me, Mrs. Sincell, in the SGHS Guidance Office.
Form to verify parent knowledge that a student elects to not take the AP Exam - This form needs to be returned to me asap. This allows me to know who is not taking the exam, so I don't hold up the AP exam order needlessly(and don't keep calling you for the order and fees).
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Beverly Sincell
SGHS School Counselor

AP Exam Fees

Please note that AP Exam orders and payment are due this Friday, Oct. 23 for students taking Fall 2020 AP Exams. If you qualify for the reduced fee, please submit the reduced fee application with the AP order form and a payment. Students not planning on taking an AP exam need to submit the document of not taking the exam form. Test Order Form, Waiver Form, Not Taking the Exam Form