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Service Learning

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Ongoing Service Learning Opportunities

Swanton Community Center is looking for students to assist with their monthly dinners. The dinners are held on the first Saturday of every month (except for December) from 5pm to 8pm. Interested students should contact Bill Lohr at 301-501-7482.

Have a big heart and love helping others? Want to make a difference? Maryland Special Olympics in Garrett County could really use your help. There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to work with Special Olympics and make a difference in the lives of others as well as your own. If you are interested in more information, please see Mrs. Sessa.

Garrett County Humane Society is always looking for students to assist with the care of rescued animals and getting food and supplies to pet owners who are in need of help. If you are interested please contact Deb Clatterbuck at 301-334-4470 or 301-501-6559.

Little Rascals Daycare is offering opportunities for students to work with children through reading, crafts, and various other activities. If interested please contact Shelly or Debbie at 301-334-4721.

Students are need to help with the Loch Lynn After School program for youth. If interested, please contact Elizabeth Gibbons at 301-334-0723.

The American Legion Post 214 in Grantsville needs your help. The Legion has various activities they sponsor where they can use assistance. (Bingo, dinners, etc.) If interested please contact Jerry Fritz at 301-895-5984 or the American Legion at 301-895-5247.

The First Christian Church in Friendsville needs your help. They need people to help with moving and stacking wood, lawn work, clothing pickup and delivery, picking up trash and numerous other jobs. Please contact Pat Schmidt at 301-746-5829 or 301-746-5571

Community Action-Brown Bag Program is in need of student assistance every third Wednesday of each month from 3:00-5:00 pm. Contact Carolyn Tusing at 301-334-9431

Oak Park Church of the Brethren welcomes students who would like to assist with the church's monthly soup kitchen. Assistance is needed starting at 4pm through 6:30pm. For more information contact Karen Ray at 301-3347648 or 301-334-9761.

The League of Women Voters needs students to assist with their Adopt-A-Highway Program. For more information contact Henrietta Lease at 301-387-4241.

Appalachian Parent Association Independent Living Program would like to invite students to come and assist with client outings. For more information call 301-334-8449.


Location Ideas for Service Learning

Outdoor/Sports Opportunities
Garrett Sports League 301-387-7114
Special Olympics 301-334-3997
Dept. of Natural Resources 301-334-4255
Mt. Nebo State Forest 301-334-3296
New Germany State Park 301-895-5453
Herington Manor State Park 301-334-9180
Garrett College Wildlife Res 301-387-3328
Maryland Forests Association 301-895-5369
Fire Department
Deer Park 301-334-4120
Gorman 301-334-2044
Oakland 301-334-4120
Kitzmiller 301-334-3323
Local Government

Town Halls:
Deer Park:
Loch Lynn

Chamber of Commerce 301-387-4386
Community Action 301-334-9431
Habitat for Humanity 301-533-0600
Ruth Enlow Library 301-334-3996
American Red Cross 301-334-3810
Lions Club:
Crellin PTA 301-334-4704
Nursing Homes
Dennett Road Nursing Home 301-334-8700
Oakland Nursing & Rehab 301-334-2319
Other Places to Check
Your Church Your Church's Number
Daycare Centers N/A
Animal Shelter 301-334-3553
Christian Crossings 301-387-5303 or 334-6339
Feed the Children 301-533-0492
Historical Society 301-334-3226
Hospice of Garrett County 301-334-5151
Meals on Wheels 301-334-9431
Food Pantry 301-3334-3588