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Attendance reminders for students and parents, all students must have their agenda book signed before exiting the building. When a note is presented to the Attendance Office for an out-of-school pass, students can sign themselves out and meet parent in the parking lot. Students will not be called out of class (out-of-school passes) until the parent arrives to sign the student out. To fax an out-of-school pass, please call 301-334-3086. Make sure the note is signed and dated with the time of release. If a student has a different last name than parent, make sure it is included on all notes
Attendance Office: 301-334-3086
Southern Garrett High School believes that it is imperative that all students be punctual to school and attend classes regularly. As we know, there is a direct relationship between regular attendance and academic achievement which leads to completion of the school program. We believe that regular attendance not only facilitates the continuity of classroom instruction and student participation, but also creates a more positive school climate thus enhancing each student’s desire to complete high school. In our effort to increase student achievement and to decrease the number of student absences, Southern High School will implement the following additional changes to our school policies and procedures