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This page is devoted to events and happening around the Southern Garrett HS Alumni Association organization.
The alumni association is proud to announce the receipients of the 2017 Danforth Awards: Blake Smith and Morgan Winegardner
SGHS Teachers to get Alumni Update at First Professional Development Day
During the first half-day professional training, slated for Wednesday, Sept 16th, Southern High teacher Lisa Bender will present three 30 minute sessions on the new Teleconference Suite created at the local school through donations from SGHS Alumni.  Bender will explain how the teleconference equipment  will allow students to connect with SGHS Alumni in live, real-time discussions from their home offices around the world.  Bender will also display her students' research project on Alumni Bios and how they will be displayed on the high school's new digital signage equipment available for all current students to view throughout the day.    Southern High teachers will then have the chance to brainstorm names of SGHS Alumni who can represent their fields of interest and who students can connect with via the teleconference suite throughout the year.  Additionally, Bender welcomes graduates of Southern High who would like to participate by speaking to students from your office site.  If interested, please feel free to contact Lisa Bender through her school email:  
The alumni association is proud to announce the receipients of the 2015 Danforth Award:  Benjamin Reichard and Jaiden Harvey. 
 The Southern Garrett HS Alumni Association recently purchased a new set of black drapes for the school's stage.  The black curtains that masked the backstage area for SoutherTheatre Donationn were in tatters.  Dating back to the school renovation of 1991, the 23-year-old fabric was so deteriorated that it would tear at the slightest pull.  Every year before Christmas break, the theatre teacher would gently take them down and sew the holes shut, knowing that the thread she was using was stronger than the ramaining fabric.  That process produced a black dust all over the stage where the fabric had been spread out for repairs.  With such a tight budget, the theatre group had only raised half of the funds needed to replace the expensive curtains. Without the kind donation of the Alumni Association, the purchase of new ones would have been delayed many more years.  The new drapes have improved not only the cosmetic appearance of the stage area, but the health and morale of the children who perform on it.  Pictured is Tonya Sturm, a member of the Alumni Association, with students from Southern's theatre program. 


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