Southern Garrett

High School

SAT/ACT Hall of Fame

In an effort to encourage students to both take and reach a successful score on the SAT and ACT, the 1200/1800 Club and now SAT/ACT hall of Fame has been instituted to reward those students of excellence. As a reward for setting such high standards for themselves and meeting the a set threshold, students will receive the following:

  • a season pass to all athletic events from the time the score was earned until the end of the school year
  • name enshrined on a permanent plaque placed in the Media Center.
  • recognition in The Republican and the school newspaper and website.

It is the hope of SGHS that all students will strive to reach these goals.


Sat/Act Hall of Fame

In order to earn a spot in the Sat/Act Hall of Fame, a student must score a 1200 or above on a recent administration of the SAT and/or a 26 or higher on a recent administration of the ACT. The 1200/1800 Clubs have been replaced with the SAT/ACT hall of Fame.
Seth Adams
Mariah Bolden
Michael Brault
Holly Buckley
Katie Catulle
Emily Dawson
Wyatt Deckman
Wen Ting Dong
Wen Lin Dong
Joseph Embleton
Jonah Facciolli
Hannah Fitzwater
Michael Greene
Claire Grove
Lauren Helbig
Julia Hershman
Logan Hinebaugh
Michael Hollingsworth
Chloe Hunter-Olson
Grace Ingram
Kristen Kope
Patrick Lee
William Meagher
Angelica Michaels
Brooke Miller
Shannon Miller
Victoria Miske
James T. Mullins
Chelsie Murray
Cameron Pomeroy
Rachel Reams
Madison Richard
Luke Riley
Zachary Rohrbaugh
James Schwab
Olivia Shaffer
Isaiah Skipper
Blake Smith
Paige Smith
Jessica Storck
Sheyenne Tichnell
Sierra Tichnell
Mary Tran
Thomas Trego
Maria Walch
Emily Welch
Morgan Winegardner



SHS 1800 Club Members

The 1800 Club replaced the 1200 Club in March 2005 when the writing component was added to the SAT.

Joshua Ash
Morgan Anderson
Catherine Baker
Randi Bennett
Samantha Bessey
Julie Bittinger
Eric Blamble
Brian Bramande
Ian Bramande
Benjamin Byrne
Amanda Conner
Dylan DiGioia
Ryan Domenick
Kristen Downing
Adam Fitzwater
Meghan Fitzwater
Paige Fitzwater
Meghan Flinn
Matt Foley
Lauren Frick
Zachary Frick
Seth Friend
Taylor Germain
Colin Gooding
Alan Gnegy
Stephanie Gordon
Megan Gotsch
Samuel Grabosky
Joanna Guy
Brison Harvey
Krista Hollingsworth
Daniel Hughes
Emily Huxford
Rachael Huxford
Rose Jackson
Ian Jobe
Sam Jones
Sara Jones
Julia Jordan
Matthew Jordan
Sydney Legeer
Rebecca Lee
Stephanie Lee
Corey Lewis
Emily Lipscomb
Alexandra Longest
Nathaniel Longest
Angela Lowry
Colin Lynch
Ian Macy
Julianne MacLennan
Elaine Marple
Anna Martin
Matthew McCullough
Alexander McEwen
Michael McEwen
John McGettigan
Andrew S. Miller
Marshall Miller
Dylan Moon
Andrew Mowbray
James Naylor
Joshua Nesselrodt
Lauren Neville
Michael Paugh
Benjamin Reichard
Hannah Schroyer
Jennifer Shillingburg
Elizabeth Sines
Patrick Sisler
Jordan Schwinabart
Caitlin Simpson
Rachel Skipper
Megan Stone
Anthony Storck
Sarah Stork
Julie Swerbinsky
Mackenzie Swift
Elizabeth Thayer
Zachary Tichnell
Natalie Tracey
Josh Viar
Laura Viar
Hannah Virts
Nicole Walch
Ashley Walters
Corinne Weaver
Elizabeth White
Claire Wilkinson
Amber Winans
Travis Wolfe
Bryan Wright
Jillian Yant
Kristen Yant


SHS 1200 Club Members

*The 1200 Club was the first SAT club at Southern. Started in school year 2002-2003 by then principal, Tom Woods, ended and was replaced with the 1800 Club in March 2005 when the writing component was added to the SAT.

Tyler Ashby
Emily Bowman
Brianna Byers
Emily Cosner
David Cuddington
Adam Day
Natalie Domenick
Brett Dugan
Daniel Frederick
William Georg
Abigail Getty
Andrew Goad
Robbin Gregg
Shar Hollingsworth
Steve Knepp
Evan Lantz
Chris Lantz
Hannah Logsdon
Brandon Marks
Sarah Mullenax
Andrew Murray
James Naylor
Michael Nelson
Justine Pagenhardt
Nick Perry
Kathleen Pritts
Allie Richter
Taylor Riley
Erin Rhodes
Nathan Rodeheaver
Kristen Rollman
Larry Shue
Daniel Skipper
Laura Skipper
Matt Stephens
Jadyn Swerbinsky
Natasha Tasker
Casey Taylor
Elizabeth Thayer
William White