Southern Garrett High School

Upcoming Events.

JCLC 2018

JCLC will be conducted at Camp Dawson, WV from 9-14 June. 10 primary and 2 Alternate Cadets have been identified to attend and letters have been sent home informing parents. A parents meeting will be held 10 May at 5:30 PM in the JROTC Classroom. Students selected will miss the final three days of school and are required to contact their teachers in advance to ensure all class requirements are met.

Air Rifle Camp July 24-26 2018

An air rifle camp will be held on the JROTC air rifle range from 830 am to 400 pm on these dates. Space is extremely limited. First invitations are to current air rifle team members followed by those who have had the air rifle safety class. Interested cadets from Southern Garrett should contact the SAI at Southern.