Southern Garrett High School

Photo Gallery

Map Reading Physical fitness day  
Finding their way with a map and compass Team building on PT day.  
Prone target position
Cadet battalion commander.
Pressure at the rifle match. Cadet Bn. Coammander Megan
Harpers Ferry Field Trip
Climbing steps at Harpers Ferry WV Hanging around at 60 feet.  
911 Ceremony
Field trip to Harpers Ferry. 
911 Ceremony Before the school body. Cadets at Harpers Ferry WV Historical Park/ Field Trip
 2017 Autumn Glory parade  Cadet works works on a project.
Strong and proud at the 2017 Autumn Glory parade. Cadet Alisia works on a project.
Autumn Glory Parade 2016 Cadet and veteran
Autumn Glory Parade Cadet Stephanie with grandfather at Veteran Day ceremony.
Drill competition Dill competition at the end.
Drill Team Captains Drill Team
Getting ready for the push up event. Arlington Cemetery
Physical training Changing of the Guard at Arlinton National Cemetery
 Receiving the flag.  First aid training.
A veteran receives the flag.  First aid training-they survived. 
A southern ram Working as a team
Mascot?.....Maybe Raiders, Litter Carry
Veteran day display Cold hands work together to tie the knot.
Veteran Day display.  Raiders, Rope Bridge
Washington Navy Yard Inside Washington Navy Yard
Washington Naval Yard field trip Naval Yard field trip 
 JROTC Ball2017
Veteran Day poject.
Cadets, instructors, and guest at the Southern Garrett JROTC military ball for 2016-2017. Working on Veteran Day service learning project. 
Buzz 14 Field Trip Leadership camp. 
  Buzz14 B52 Bomber field trip.  Packing for leadership camp.
Receiving awards All three cadets joined the military.
Senior Awards Seniors
Honor Veterans Day with Maryland State Senator Edwards
Veterans Day Flag Folding Ceremony Veterans Day with Senator Edwards
Changing command The cadet battalion
Battalion Change of Command  Class Photo 2014