Southern Garrett High School

Program Overview

"It helped me to earn a scholarship"

Throughout the year, the JROTC unit is involved in many activities. Everyday, Monday through Friday, is used for a specific purpose both in school and outside of school. Besides the academic element of JROTC, cadets participate in events such as parades, sporting events, and drill competitions.

JROTC Weekly Classroom Instructions
Monday Academics
Tuesday Academics
Wednesday Leadership Lab
Thursday Adventure Training/Academics/Leadership Lab
Friday Physical Fitness Training(PT)


During Academics students are taught a variety of leadership instruction in a thorough an intense, fast paced curriculum which is linked with many Common Core State Standards. The curriculum consists of education in citizenship, leadership, social and communication skills, physical fitness and wellness, geography, and civics.

Adventure Training introduces Cadets to many tough, mentally and physically challenging activities which test and improve on their leadership and teamwork skills. Cadets are asked to wear appropriate outdoor clothing and closed toed footwear on Adventure Training days.

Leadership lab is primarily used for Cadets to learn and practice drill and ceremony. Cadets are given the opportunity to take command of a squad and move them using drill commands. Cadets are also introduced to Rifle and exhibition drill as well. Cadets who fill staff positions use time during Leadership lab to conduct staff work. Staff positions include; S-1 administration, S-2 security, S-3 training, S-4 logistics, and S-5 public affairs. Cadets who are chosen to fill staff positions have demonstrated potential for this increased responsibility.

JROTC Competitive Teams: The Rams Battalion has a variety of competitive teams which challenge Cadets both mentally and physically. To be a team member of any competitive team Cadets must maintain high standards of discipline and academics; Cadets failing any classes or having disciplinary problems in school may not participate in any team activity.

Air Rifle Team

The Rams Battalion Air Rifle Team trains and competes in accordance with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. All Cadets have the opportunity to try-out for the Air Rifle Team and the best marksman are selected. Cadets learn fire arms safety, marksmanship skills and sportsmanship and travel throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia competing in ten meter air rifle competitions during the entire school year. Air rifle is not only a high school JROTC sport, it is the only team that members can actually earn a college scholarship for, as it is an NCAA recognized collegiate sport. Cadets participating on the team must commit to an intense practice and competition schedule and have high standards. Practice for Air Rifle team is Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30. Interested Cadets should contact LTC(R) Sheaffer. Financial donations can be sent to MidwayUSA Foundation at https://secure.midwayusafoundation.org.

Prone position for air rifle.Equipment check for air rifle.Camp Perry Ohio.On the range at Camp Perry

Drill Team

The Rams Battalion Drill Team trains for and competes in armed and unarmed platoons and squads. The team represents the discipline, precision and teamwork that comes with hours of practice. The Drill Team is comprised of our most disciplined Cadets who display the mental toughness and attention to detail that is required to be successful. The Drill Team represents the Rams Battalion in competitions throughout our region and has a proud history of accomplishments. Drill Team practice is conducted every Monday and Thursday, from 3:30 to 5:30. Interested Cadets should contact 1SG(R) Wright.

Leading by example


Color Guard

The Rams Battalion Color Guard Team is comprised of the most disciplined and committed Cadets from the Drill Team. The Color Guard represents Southern Garrett High School during home football games, parades, ceremonies and other community functions requiring a color guard. They also represent the Rams Battalion in Color Guard competitions throughout our region. The Color Guard practices in conjunction with the Drill Team every Monday and Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30. Interested Cadets should contact 1SG(R) Wright.

Taking pride with our nation's colors. Football color guard

Color Guard Team performing in competition. Color Guard posting colors for SGHS Football game.

Raider Team

The Rams Battalion Raider team is comprised of the most physically and mentally tough Cadets in the battalion. The Raider Team trains to compete in the Raider Challenge, an exciting, physically demanding display of teamwork, against other JROTC programs in our region. Raider Team events include: Physical fitness test; One Rope Bridge construction and crossing; 5 Kilometer Road March; Litter Carry; Knot Tying Relay, and other optional events determined by the SAI and AI.