Southern Garrett High School


Map shows where JROTC in Garrett County Maryland is located.

The Rams' Battalion Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Program at Southern Garrett High School is a dynamic and highly visible unit. As such, your membership in this motivated organization includes both specified and implied responsibilities of a personal and professional nature.

The program in itself is quite unlike any other course. We have a unique culture in JROTC that contributes to personal self-development and the maintenance of a positive learning environment. As soon as you enter the JROTC classroom, you will notice a difference in atmosphere that we are proud of, one that we insist on supporting. You are immediately presumed to be a young adult, and all that you show, say, and do, will support that assumption.

The goals of the JROTC program are to teach students to:

Act with integrity and personal accountability as they lead others to succeed in a diverse and global workforce
Engage civic and social concerns in the community, government, and society
Graduate prepared to excel in post-secondary options and career pathways
Make decisions that promote positive social, emotional, and physical health
Value the role of the military and other service organizations

With the school’s support, the JROTC program achieves these goals by using a world-class 21st Century, technology driven, student centered curriculum. The curriculum consists of education in citizenship, leadership, social and communication skills, physical fitness and wellness, geography, and civics.

The Rams' Battalion is serious and fun about the business of learning, following, leading, and becoming more informed. We understand that our actions and words result in logical consequence. We are positive about ourselves and others, and we look for the lessons hiding in each of life's experiences... a way of life not for the weak-hearted or thin-skinned. We keep in mind that people and the world around us will respond on our contributions and actions.

The mission of Army Junior ROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens. We turn ordinary people into bold, self-confident, outstanding leaders. For cadets who participate in this program, life becomes something with clear objectives and goals. Grades have been shown to improve in other subjects. Many positive career and educational options become available through JROTC. Enroll today, the train is rolling, and the ticket to ride is an open mind, a positive attitude, and the willingness to learn.