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Southern Garrett High School, the largest educational facility in predominately rural Garrett County, Maryland, strives to provide students with a variety of educational experiences to meet their individual needs. By providing successful school experiences, we prepare students to become life-long learners. We challenge students to strive for personal excellence and responsible citizenship as they develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.
The mission of Southern Garrett High School, in partnership with our community, is to provide rigorous instruction within a nurturing environment. We dedicate ourselves to educate and inspire all students to become innovative, adaptive, and caring citizens who can thrive in an ever-changing world.
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Business Partners

Thank you to our business partners. Your partnership shows your commitment to the students of Southern Garrett High School.
Dairy Queen Grill and Chill, May business partner of the month.

Help is Available

At this time of year with the change in seasons, people are often feeling happier with the increased sunshine, warmer days and longer evenings. But we know that for some people they may believe that they have unsolvable problems and situations that make them very unhappy. They may be angry and blame themselves for difficult situations. They may want to hurt themselves or find a way to make the bad feelings stop and go away. If at times you feel this way, or you know and worry about another student, please go to and tell a trusted adult. There are many adults in your school that want to help if students will talk to them. We want everyone in our school to be safe, so please ask for help if needed.

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Senior Editions On Sale

Seniors can see Ms. Heather Savage to order their 2019 Senior Edition. The 60+ page, full color senior keepsake is full of photos and memories for only $20. The Senior Edition is created by The Acorn staff each year featuring senior bests, photos and articles featuring senior activities and senior wills. See Ms. Savage before and after school, during period 2 or RAMS period to order a 2019 Senior Edition today.



Yearbook Ordering



Cell Phone Policy and Information

SGHS Policy and Guidelines:

-Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be connected to the GCPS network. To connect to the GCPS network, students should use their username (first name.last name) and password (gcps#### where # is their 4 digit lunch pin.)

-Students in possession of a cell phone must comply with Garrett County’s Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.

-Staff may request at any time that students turn off and put away devices. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of privileges.

-Students must obtain explicit consent from staff and participants before using the camera and video recording applications.

-Any disruption to class or the school environment using a cell phone may result in disciplinary action.

-Students are expected to continue to use the school office to place phone calls.

-Individuals assume full responsibility for their devices, including safety, security, and maintenance.

-Respect others in your area (phone calls should occur in the main office and speakers should be silent).

-Cell phones should ALWAYS remain on silent during the school day.

-Students should be aware of surroundings when moving throughout the halls during class change for safety reason. One earbud out at all times unless directed by staff.

Student Flyer for Cell Phones