September 8, 2020 is the first day of school for the GCPS students.

The GCPS central office will be closed to the public until further notice. Anyone with a question or concern may contact, and you will receive a response.

There have been 70 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Garrett County.

Please continue to check our website and the GCPS Coronavirus Updates page for more information.

Southern Garrett

High School

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Welcome to Southern Garrett High School

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Southern Garrett High School, the largest educational facility in predominately rural Garrett County, Maryland, strives to provide students with a variety of educational experiences to meet their individual needs. By providing successful school experiences, we prepare students to become life-long learners. We challenge students to strive for personal excellence and responsible citizenship as they develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.
The mission of Southern Garrett High School, in partnership with our community, is to provide rigorous instruction within a nurturing environment. We dedicate ourselves to educate and inspire all students to become innovative, adaptive, and caring citizens who can thrive in an ever-changing world.
Daily Morning Announcements
Click on the picture above to view the morning announcements.


Student Meals

The Garrett County Public Schools’ Food & Nutrition Services Office is happy to announce that supper
meals for all Garrett County children, ages 18 and under, can still be distributed free of charge. Beginning
Sept. 17, 2020 meals for all children, ages 18 and under, may be picked on Thursday evenings at the
locations below. There will be seven suppers for children distributed at this time.
Please remember to fill out a new meal application form for students, because last year’s applications
have expired. This is still an important step for the FNS Department. The information is used for funding
several different programs that benefit all students in Garrett County, regardless of their meal status. Even
if you believe you might be over the income limit, it never hurts to fill one out; it may help the students of
Garrett County. An application can be picked up at any school site or meal distribution site. An application
can be downloaded from the Food & Nutrition Services website at: or an online application can be
submitted to the Food & Nutrition Services Office at
xMjJmY2FmYzM1. Applications can be mailed to the Food & Nutrition Services Office at 770 Dennett Road,
Oakland, MD 21550, or returned to a school or meal distribution site.
Supper meals must be picked up at one the distribution sites listed below, even for students who are
attending school on campus this fall. This is because the meals may not be sent home from school due to
USDA regulations.
Seven days of suppers will be distributed, free of charge, on Thursday evenings at the locations listed
below; please note these are different locations than the locations for the breakfast and lunches for virtual
students. On-site, virtual and non-students under 18 are welcome to pick up suppers.
Supper Meals for all children 18 and under will be distributed at the following locations:
? Emmanuel United Methodist Church- 29 Pocahontas Rd - Thursday: 5:00- 5:15
? Bittinger Lutheran Parish - 22 Maynardier Ridge Rd, Thursday: 5:45 - 6:00
? Swanton Community Center- 3335 Swanton Road – Thursday: 6:25 - 6:40
? Deer Park – 81 Church Street – Thursday: 6:50 – 7:05
? Southern Middle School - 605 Harvey Winters Drive - Thursday: 5:00 – 5:20
? Liberty Mews - 100 Liberty Square Drive– Thursday: 5:00 – 5:15
? Crellin -52 Crellin Street– Thursday: 5:30 – 5:45
? Deer Park - 8 Rockville Ct - Thursday: 6:05 – 6:20
? Gorman - 271 Gorman Road - Thursday: 6:40 – 6:55
? Grantsville-, 121 Bittinger Lane - Thursday: 5:00 – 5:15
? Friendsville Volunteer Fire Dept. - 944 2 nd Ave - Thursday: 5:40 – 5:55
? Hickory Environmental Center (Northern Middle’s bus Loop)- 604 Pride Parkway - Thursday:6:15 – 6:30
? Garrett County Chamber of Commerce – 15 Vistors Center Drive, - Thursday: 6:50 – 7:05
? Bloomington – 334 North Branch Avenue–Thursday: 5:00 – 5:15
? Kitzmiller – 288 W Main Street- Thursday: 5:45 – 6:00
? Loch Lynn Town Hall, Loch Lynn, MD – Thursday: 6:25 – 6:40
All operations may change as United States Department of Agriculture regulations change.


Southern Softball practice (Tuesday & Thursday) will occur from 5 to 7 starting Sept 15. for 6 weeks weather permitting. Anyone interested in playing, please join us at the SHS softball field.

Daily Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Period 1 - 8:30 - 9:20 (Breakfast served to those in the building)
Period 2 - 9:30 - 10:20
Period 3 - 10:30 - 11:20
Period 4 - 11:30 - 12:15 (Lunch served to those in the building)
LUNCH – 12:15 – 1:00
Intervention – 1:00 – 3:00 depending on needs
Q&A, extra help – 3:00 – 3:45

Schoology Information for Parents

Parents can find directions for activating parent Schoology accounts and Schoology how to videos by going to the following link on the Garrett County Public Schools website:

GCPS Attendance Protocols

for Virtual Learning During the 2020-21 School Year

Overview of Attendance During COVID-19 Pandemic
The Maryland State Department of Education requires that all school systems track student attendance during virtual learning. Taking attendance while students are learning from home will assist school staff in ensuring that all students have the resources and support they need to engage in learning. Tracking attendance will include a combination of measures that indicate a student is demonstrating their engagement in learning. This is not indicative of the degree to which the student understands the content nor their grade in class, rather it is documentation of a student’s engagement in the learning process. Daily attendance will be completed each day by each teacher BUT will officially be recorded on a weekly basis in PowerSchool.
Present ~ a student will be marked as present when there is evidence of any daily engagement in the online Schoology classroom or one of the factors listed below:
Attending classes via Google Meet
Engagement with other school staff/service providers
Participation in a therapy/counseling sessions
Phone calls with a teacher or support staff member regarding work
Emails to a teacher submitting an assignment
Submission of assignments or screen shots of work
Participation in synchronous sessions
Participation in a tutoring sessions
Participation in work-based learning/internships
Absent ~ a student will be marked as absent when there is not evidence of any daily engagement in the online Schoology classroom or one of the factors listed below:
Attending classes via Google Meet
Engagement with other school staff/service providers
Participation in a therapy/counseling sessions
Phone calls with a teacher
Emails to a teacher submitting an assignment
Submission of assignments
Participation in synchronous sessions
Participation in a tutoring sessions
Participation in work-based learning/internships
Lawful Absence - Students shall be considered lawfully absent when absent from instruction with proper documentation approved by the principal/designee.
Unlawful Absence - Students shall be considered unlawfully absent when absent from instruction without submitting an absence note to the principal/designee.
The Student Information System will default student attendance records to present to document students as present during distance learning. This will allow us to track changes in student attendance for this school year with the realization that students were learning from home and not expected to enter the school building.
Absence Code
An additional absence code (25) has been added to be used to track absences related to COVID - 19, such as:
Student illness due to COVID-19
Doctor’s note excusing student absence due to COVID-19
Student is not engaged in learning due to circumstances related to COVID-19
Illness in family member that impacts student attendance due to COVID-19
Student is excluded from attending until they receive a negative result of a COVID19 test or meet the Garrett County Health Department criteria for returning to schools
Absence Notes
An absence for any reason other than those cited as lawful is presumed to be unlawful unless a note stating the reason is submitted and approved by the principal/designee within the same term of the absence.
Each school will publicize an attendance email account (secretary, attendance secretary, etc.) to allow for parents/guardians to document the reason for student absences. Signed parent and physician notes are also still acceptable.
Teacher/Staff Expectation
All teachers are expected to maintain and document student attendance.
All teachers will have an assignment (class work, assessment, exit ticket etc.) linked to each day.
All teachers will monitor engagement in LIVE sessions. Google Meet is adding an attendance feature on the new upgrade. In the meantime, the following link can be used to add the extension:
Google Meet-Attendance Extension
All teachers will informally take attendance throughout the week based on engagement in live sessions and work completion.
Each Wednesday morning, teachers will mark daily attendance for the previous week based on engagement, work submissions and attendance in synchronous learning. Teachers will do this by marking an “A” for days when a student is being counted as absent. The default always goes to present.
(Directions for Recording Multi-Day Attendance in PowerSchool)
Each Wednesday afternoon, the secretary will
Update the 'A' code to a numeric code based on any parent/physician notes. If the parent didn't submit anything, the 'A' will be changed to a 20 - Unexcused Absence.
Print the weekly Schoology Usage Report.
Directions for Running the Schoology Usage Report
Provide a list of students who were marked absent as well as those who did not access Schoology (as determined by the reports described above) to the administrators to determine intervention as needed.

Extra Curricular Summer Participation Safety Plans

Click the link below to download the Southern High School Summer Saftey Plan.

Parking Permits

Parking permit applications can be found here :parking permit application. The applications need to be completed and you must provide a copy of:
-driver's license
-proof of auto insurance
-vehicle registration
-for the senior lot enclose a check for $40.00 made out to Southern High School
-underclassmen parking at the stadium lot has a fee of $2.00 (sticker fee)
Additional notes for the senior lot:
-all service learning hours must be complete (40)
-have no financial obligations with Southern High School
-history of excellent attendance and behavior
-passed all state testing requirements
You can turn this in at Southern Middle School Monday-Thursday 8-4:00PM or mail to 345 Oakland Drive, Oakland, MD 21550.


The Foster D. Bittle Chapter of the National Honor Society celebrates the graduation of 43 senior members from Southern Garrett High School. Five seniors were inducted virtually into membership due to the cancelation of the ceremony which would have been the Fifty-Fifth Induction Ceremony this spring.

"We regret that we could not hold a traditional Induction ceremony this past spring for our new members, juniors and seniors alike," advisor Heather Savage said.

The senior National Honor Society members conducted their annual canned food drive for the House of Hope in December and a highly successful Operation Christmas Child campaign in the fall. Both of these endeavors engaged the participation of students throughout the school.

"The hard work of all of our seniors does not go unrecognized. They have been active members in our school and community, not just in academic endeavors but in service as well. We wish them the best of luck in their future."

The five seniors newly inducted in the spring were Landon Custer, Julia Gamber, Kaelyn Glotfelty, Samuel Kennedy and Kimberly Stemple.


Senior Landon Custer attends Loch Lynn Church of God, where he has served as a youth camp counselor and taught drum lessons. He also serves as a member of the church’s worship team. Landon is a past member of the Southern Garrett Pep Band, where he supported the basketball team’s run for the state championship for the past two seasons. As a sophomore, he competed as a member of Envirothon. Landon plans to study computer science at Garrett College in the fall and then transfer to Liberty University to study music. Landon is the son of Coit and Melissa Custer of Oakland.

Senior Julia Gamber is a past member of the school newspaper staff. Julia has donated her time and service to local nursing homes and after school programs. In the fall, Julia plans to study marine biology at Coastal Carolina. Julia is the daughter of Erin Mowery of Berkeley Springs and Jason Gamber of Frostburg.

Senior Kaelyn Glotfelty is a past member of the school newspaper staff and an active member of the FIRST FRC team 1629 where she has served as safety captain. She has devoted many hours to FIRST robotics in service and the school theater program’s Haunted Hayride. Kaelyn is an active member of Brenda’s Body Shop. Kaelyn would like to study computer science in the fall at Garrett College and then move on to a four-year university. Kaelyn is the daughter of James and Diane Glotfelty of Oakland.


Senior Samuel Kennedy is a member of the Ram baseball and cross country teams. He was a leader in RBIs his freshman year in baseball and was awarded the coaches award his junior year in cross country. He competed in Model UN as a sophomore and in the math competition as a junior. Samuel also served as the Autumn Glory King in the fall of 2019. Samuel is also a member of Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church where he serves as an acolyte. As a member of the Ryan‘s Glade 4H Club, he has served as a junior leader. Samuel has over 100 hours in service with the blind skiers program, his church, the Southern Garrett Athletic Association and youth basketball. Samuel plans to study mechanical engineering at Ohio University in the fall. Samuel is the son of Audrey Kennedy and Mike Kennedy of Oakland.

Senior Kimberly Stemple serves as the editor of the school yearbook. She has also donated many hours to Samantha Funding the Arts, Oak Park Church of the Brethren soup kitchen and the town of Mountain Lake Park. After she graduates, Kimberly plans to attend Garrett College to earn her associate degree in general studies and then advance to a four-year institution. She is interested in pursuing a degree in mortuary science or possibly social work. Kimberly is the daughter of Missy and William Stemple, both of Oakland.


The chapter plans to conduct an induction ceremony to celebrate the twenty-six new junior members in the fall semester that follows state guidelines.

"The juniors will have a unique opportunity to help design their Induction ceremony. Normally, the seniors conduct the program for the incoming members with the help of the advisor but this group will be able to play a larger role in what they would like their ceremony to look like, following any state guidelines in place at that time," Savage said.

The National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, National Honor Society serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.


Previously inducted Class of 2020 senior members:

2019 NHS


These seniors were inducted into membership in the spring of 2019 as juniors. Front Row: Mariah Bolden, Harleigh Wildesen, Jocelyn Fredlock, Madison Sweitzer, Kristen Massey, Jessica McClurg(2019 graduate), Emilee Tasker, Laina Holler, Andie Ward, Josilyn Evans, Bailey Skiles, Historian Lillia Rose, Hailie DeWitt, Sara Manley

Middle row: President Zachary Rohrbaugh, Treasurer Nicholas Davis, Miranda Dillsworth (2019 graduate), Carmen Smith, Caleb Friend, Jacob Nazelrod, Kaysi Todd, Bryson Wilt, Caid Andrews, Andrew Helbig, Corey Ashby, Holly Buckley

Back Row: Nathan Spiker, Eldon Stemple, Jacob Sweitzer, Brayden Warnick, Madison Prudnick, Jocelyn Schoch, Emma Rush, Kerri Kordyban, Cheyenne Reckart, Vice President Katherine Catulle, Tia DeGiovanni, Secretary Daniel Nickel

Not pictured: Madison Embleton, Alexx Grady


In an effort to provide additional support to students and parents as we implement this phase of the GCPS Continuity of Learning Plan, a master phone list has been developed. The IT team, in conjunction with principals, teachers, and the instructional leadership team, has identified a process in which educators can be contacted for help. When support is needed, teachers will be the first option to provide help for technical issues. GCPS has implemented an internal process that will then signal a system of support for the issue. Please see the link below for a list of telephone numbers to reach your child’s teacher. Principals have been asked to post the list of phone numbers on their website along with the teachers’ office hours. If your child’s teacher is not listed, please reach out to the principal to identify the best way to reach him or her.
You will need to use the tabs at the bottom of the google spreadsheet and find the SH tab to see Southern High School staff.
We, at GCPS, want to reassure you again that we are here to support you as you work with your child at home. Please do not hesitate to reach out via the phone numbers listed or via email to teachers and administrators.


Maryland Special Education Parent Involvement Survey


Business Partners

Thank you to our business partners. Your partnership shows your commitment to the students of Southern Garrett High School.
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