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6th Man

As the winter extracurricular season rapidly approaches, I would like to take a moment to emphasize the goals of our school’s 6th Man Club. It is my hope that when the winter season concludes the students of our school will once again prove to be the area’s most spirited and filled with sportsmanship.

Goals of the 6th Man Club:
• Cheer for our student/athletes to enable each to be more successful,
• Attend as many games/activities as possible to show the school’s support,
• Provide a forum for positive student fun,

Unacceptable 6th Man Club/Student Actions:
• Doing anything deemed derogatory toward the opposing team, coaches, players, cheerleaders, and/or fans,
• Participating in any fashion of intimidating gestures or cheers designed to be unsportsmanlike in nature,
• Participating in cheers using vulgarity or bringing unwanted attraction to the school or team,
• Unsportsmanlike gestures or chants focused on the officials,
• Chanting opposing players names in repetition,
• Use of signs must be approved by administration or athletic director,
• It is unsportsmanlike to turn your back or put newspapers in front of you when the opponent is introduced. Be respectful of their introduction and time commitment they have made to be a part of a team!

Consequences for unacceptable actions:
• Dismissal for the remainder of the contest (1st offense)
• Dismissal for the remainder of the year from attending extracurricular functions (2nd offense)
• Should the first offense be deemed extremely inappropriate, the student will be dismissed from future events for the remainder of the year!