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Students Participate in Eighth Grade STEM Fair

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 The Garrett County Eighth Grade Science and Engineering (STEM) Fair was held at Garrett College on May 11, 2017.  The day-long display and judging occurred in two separate sessions:  a.m. and p.m.  Students presented their projects to a panel of judges.  During each session of judging, half of the students viewed “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler” which focuses on the life of Polish Social Worker who rescues Jewish children from the Ghettos of Warsaw during WWII. 
The relevance of the movie is that the life of Irena Sendler became widely known after students completed a National History Day project and wrote a play entitled “Life in a Jar.”   Their work led them to national recognition as well as to eventually having the privilege to visit Irena Sendler in Poland.  All of the students involved in the STEM Fair also completed National History Day Projects this year.  The presentation highlighted the importance of projects such as NHD and STEM Fair as well as the power of experiences to become pivotal, inspirational, and transformational.   For more information on “Life in a Jar”   please visit
Category Winners were as follows:
Biology, Medicine & Health:                                      Consumer & Environmental Science:
Hana Nazelrod - 1st place, SX                                  Olivia Wilhelm - 1st place, NX
Aaliya Rhodes - 2nd place, SX                                  Kaleb Montgomery - 2nd place, NX
Renee Winegardner - 3rd place, SX                         Shane Fink - 3rd place, NX
Olivia Warne - HM, SX                                               Haylee Bittinger - HM, NX
Isaac Bittinger - HM, NX                                            Kylie Mark - HM, NX
Chemistry:                                                                 Behavioral Science:                                                  Engineering & Physics:
Katrina Marraccini - 1st place, SX                             Jarrett Miller - 1st place, SX                                      Brogan Kealy - 1st place, SX
Emily Pysell - 2nd place, SX                                      Meghan Bittinger - 2nd place, SX                             Jonah Adams - 2nd place, SX
Jalen Beeman - 3rd place, SX                                   Randi Mayle - 3rd place, SX                                     Garrett Uphold - 3rd place, NX
Ella Ashby - HM, NX                                                  Savannah Washington - HM, SX                               Raelyn Bowser - HM, NX
Katlyn Weimer - HM, NX                                            Caleb Frazee - HM, NX
 Fifty students entered projects into the fair from Northern Middle while there were sixty entrants from Southern Middle.  Students were in classes instructed by Ms. Katelyn O’Brien and Mrs. Ardra Sharpless.  All students received certificates of recognition for their projects.  Award ribbons and prizes were given to first, second, third place winners as well as honorable mention participants.
Judges for the event included the following:  Ms. Susan Thatcher, School Psychologist for G CPS; Mrs. Toni Barefoot, MSN, RN, BC for Western Maryland Health System; Mrs. Debbie Brenneman, GCPS—Hickory Environmental Education Center; Professor Michael Logsdon, Garrett College — Physics/Adventure Sports; Adjunct Professor Ms. Kym Newmann, Garrett College — Science
Coordinator Ms. Kelli Sisler, Garrett College—Institutional Research and Effectiveness; Mrs. Kathy Meagher, Garrett College—Director of Facilities; Mrs. Patty McCoy, GCPS ELA Content Specialist; Mr. Ryan Wolf, GCPS—Mathematics Content Specialist; and Mr. Steven Savage, GCPS—Science Chair Southern Middle. Special thanks to Ms. Shauna McQuade—GC Coordinator of Admissions,  Mrs. Melissa Wass—GC Admissions Counselor, Ms. Katie Graham and Ms. Susan Stem, GC Maintenance Staff, and Goehringers Catering.  Thanks also to Mr. Steven Savage, Mrs. Ardra Sharpless, Ms. Lauren Peddicord, and Ms. Katelyn O’Brien for accompanying students.
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