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Southern High School Students Attend SCITECH DAY!

Last Updated on Mar 8, 2016 at 11:54am | Secondary Education

Thirty-five students from Southern High School attended this year’s SCITECH Day at Carnegie Science Center on March 4, 2016.  Last year’s trip was canceled due to weather so this was the first high school trip to SCITECH Day.   
Half of the group attended this year’s Science Stage presentation entitled “In The Year 2062…Your Future.”  The show explored the technologies that were featured in the Jetsons, examining some of the futuristic ideas that have actually come to fruition.  The actors explored some of today’s mega projects that might transform what our tomorrow looks like.  Students then spent a day in the future based on today’s science and technology.  The other half attended a presentation in the Planetarium entitled “Moving Helps You Get Smarter.”  In this presentation, physical therapist and Ph.D. Dr. Regina Harbourne discussed her research on infants with basic neurological disorders.  During her research, she found something very unexpected. The study’s intervention improved the infant’s motor development, and it also advanced their cognitive development.  Regina Harbourne is an assistant professor at Duquesne University in the Rangos School of Health Sciences in Physical Therapy where she directs research in the Infant Development Lab.
In addition to the theater show or planetarium presentation, each student had the opportunity to select a workshop in which to participate.  This year’s offerings included Bioengineering, CSI Art & Science Caper, Your Dinner Plate Can Change the World, and DNA & CSI.  Each workshop featured individuals involved in STEM careers and included hands-on projects, some with take-aways for the students.  Students could also tour the Submarine associated with the Science Center during their free time periods.
Throughout the science center, exhibits were set up featuring a wide variety of science and technology enterprises from 3D printing to creating wearables from computer parts to fracking, glass production, robotics, and health sciences.  Approximately 40 exhibits were featured during this year’s SCITECH Days.  Students could also engage in the science center activities present on a day-to-day basis as well as SportWorks.
Following their exciting day at the Science Center, students stopped at Pleasant Hills Chick Fil A for dinner.

Special thanks to Ms. Geri Baker and the Carnegie Science Center for their support of this fantastic trip for Garrett County students.  Funding for admission of all students and chaperones as well as transportation was provided through the generosity of Carnegie Science Center and related foundations.  Thank you is also extended to the chaperones and teachers who participated in the March 4 trip.
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