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SHS Honor Society Celebrates Inductions and 50th Anniversary

Last Updated on May 22, 2015 at 10:35am | Secondary Education

The Foster D. Bittle Chapter of the National Honor Society at Southern Garrett High School celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Chapter and inducted 25 new members recently.

"The seniors put incredible effort into researching the chapter's  history, compiling artifacts into a digital archive, creating and mailing out the invitations, and conducting an exceptional 50th Anniversary event," advisor Heather Savage said. "The end result was a memorable ceremony that honored not only the new member's induction but the charter members of the school's chapter and past advisors." 
2015 Inductees: Top Row: Alexandra Longest, Alicia Harpole, Meghan Fitzwater, Cassondra Hoffman, Carlee Andrews, Brianna Evans, Marley Merrick, Shay Tasker. Middle Row: Brent Wright, Brian Wright, Lauren Frick, Dylan Moon, Ethan Bittinger, Matthew McCullough, Logan Cvetnick, Alexander Meyer, Ian Bramande, Tyler Bowers. Bottom Row: Hannah Schroyer, Mackenzie Swift, MacKenzie Smith, Annika Naylor, Jocelyn Reckart, Hannah Virts, Paranda Uber.
Seniors and guests: Top Row: Samuel Grabosky, Amy Skidmore, Madison Cooper, Kaya Rinker, Destinee McClintock, Amy Rush, Emma Shaffer, Kambrie Bosley, Jaiden Harvey, Sierra Legeer, Alicia Harpole, Cassondra Hoffman. Bottom Row: Troy Deckman, Travis Newton, Sarah Hutton, Doug Oxford (1989-1991 National Honor Society advisor), Linda Oursler Freyman (Class of 1965, National Honor Society President), Sandra Harvey Schofield (Class of 1965, National Honor Society charter member), Jan Naylor (Class of 1965, National Honor Society charter member), Rosemary Bernatowicz (1965 National Honor Society advisor), Elaine Marple, Benjamin Reichard, Clay Todd, Logan Cvetnick, Alexander Meyer. Not pictured: Heather Homberg
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