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Garrett County Envirothon Competition - April 28th, 2015

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      Team Members Front L-R:  Katie Carpenter, Coach Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler (NHS and GCPS Teacher of the Year), Blake Meyers
                                                          Back L-R:  Kyle Klotz, Jordan Short, and Kylie Frantz
The Garrett County Envirothon Competition was held on April 28th, 2015, at the Maryland 4-H Environmental Education and Camping Center in Swanton, MD.  The full day of competition was preceded by a full day of training which was held on April 14th at the Hickory Environmental Education Center.  Teacher/Coaches and teams from Northern and Southern High Schools trained and competed in this year’s event. 
                   Shaun Sanders tests Stoneflies’ Team Members         NHS Northern Lights 2 team members Trey Rouse, Jarrett Kelly,                            Jeremy Martin and Duncan Smith at Soil Pit                   Blake Upole, Robert Walker, and Garrett Baker at Aquatics 

Resource trainers from area agencies provide volunteer training and mentoring throughout the year for students and provided the training on April 14th and testing for competition day on April 28th.  The five categories of competition are always wildlife, aquatics, forestry, soils, and a special 5th issue which is selected each year.  Resource personnel who assisted with this year’s training/competition included Jody Johnson, Alan Klotz, and Kenny Wampler for AQUATICS; Carrie Colebank, Chuck Hayes, Butch Miller, and Shaun Sanders for SOILS; Rande Brown, Rob Harvey, and Clarissa Harris for WILDLIFE, Tim Cole, Melissa Nash, and Will Williams for FORESTRY; and Ann Sherrard for the 5th ISSUE which was URBAN/COMMUNITY FORESTRY.  Coaches included Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler, James Beeman, and Erin Coffman.  Special assistance was provided by Debbie Brenneman, Sharon Hoover, Daymond Schmuck, and Jason Shank of Hickory Environmental Education Center as well as Scott Germain and Cody Wilt (GCPS Food Service), Michelle Harman (GCPS Secondary Education event organizer) and Kristi Winters (GCPS Secondary Education), and Mike Brady and Darrell Spence from the 4-H Center.
Student competitors included Southern High School Stoneflies:  Jack Corbin, Jeremy Martin, Alex Roy, Blake Smith, and Duncan Smith.  Northern High School had two competing teams.  Team 1, The Northern Lights 1 included Katie Carpenter, Kylie Frantz, Kyle Klotz, Blake Meyers, and Jordan Short.  Team 2, The Northern Lights 2 included Garrett Baker, Jarrett Kelly, Trey Rouse, Blake Upole, and Robert Walker.  Christopher Brown was also a team member but unable to compete this year. 
Category winners this year were WILDLIFE – Northern Lights 1; AQUATICS – Northern Lights 1; FORESTRY – Northern Lights 1; SOILS – Stoneflies 1, and 5th ISSUE – Northern Lights 1.

The overall ranking of the teams:
3rd Place – Northern Lights 2
2nd Place – Stoneflies 1
1st Place – Northern Lights 1. 
The winning team will continue to train to prepare for the June 17-18 Maryland State Competition to be held at St. Mary’s College.

For more information about Garrett County Envirothon Teams and Competitions, contact Michelle Harman at

Duncan Smith and Blake Smith of Stoneflies 1 work through Wildlife Station by identifying and aging species
NHS Northern Lights 1 team members Jordan Short, Kylie Frantz, Katie Carpenter, Blake Meyers, and Kyle Klotz complete the Forestry portion of the competition as they determine the diameter and other features of a selected tree

Ann Sherrard tests all teams on the 5th Issue
NHS Northern Lights 2 – Jarrett Kelly, Garrett Baker, Blake Upole, Robert Walker, and Trey Rouse


SHS Stoneflies 1 – Blake Smith, Jack Corbin, Alex Roy, Duncan Smith, and Jeremy Martin  
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