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Swan Meadow and Southern Middle Students Attend SciTech Days at Carnegie!

Last Updated on Mar 6, 2015 at 2:30pm | Secondary Education

Seventy-four middle school students and eleven parents/chaperones/bus drivers woke up early on Tuesday, March 3 to make the trek to SciTech Days at Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA for a fun-filled, educational day focused on opportunities in STEM fields.  
Exhibitors were available on all five floors to share the value of STEM to society with hands-on activities, displays, professional staff, etc. Area colleges and universities were also represented.  Students spent the entire day visiting exhibits, participating in hands-on displays throughout the Science Center, viewing Digital Cosmos in the Buhl Planetarium and attending a variety of workshops from "Outbreak" to "Neuroscience, Physics, and Your Brain" and much, much more!  As a part of the experience, students could also visit Sportworks and experience the Highmark's themes of Lifeworks, Physics of Sports, and Sports Challenge.  The "whole idea behind Sportsworks is to inspire learning and curiosity by uniting the experience of sports for every age level with the laws of science that control sports."
This trip was made possible through the assistance of Carnegie Science Center staff as well as the Howard and Nell E. Miller Foundation of charitable Pittsburgh Trust Foundations.  The foundation focuses on bringing experiences to students, particularly those in higher free and reduced meal areas who might not otherwise have such opportunities.  The foundation and Carnegie arranged funding for all buses, all admissions, and scheduled all programs for chaperones and students.  For more information about The Carnegie Science Center and Sportsworks as well as special events, please visit
GCPS hopes to make this an annual trip for both middle and high schools students as SciTech Days occur in November and March each year at the Science Center.  NOTE:  Southern High School is scheduled to travel to High School SciTech Days on March 6, weather permitting.
SciTech Days are a special kind of field trip that features the growth areas of Pittsburgh: biotech & health, nanotechnology 
& advanced materials/processes, information technology & robotics, and eco tech (think environment & energy). 
It also connects visitors with leading scientists and technologists in a fun, dynamic atmosphere.
This hands-on event allows you to register middle and high school
students for cutting-edge workshops and featured programs, as well
as explore interactive exhibits from leading STEM companies and
higher education organizations.
All programming is linked to the Next Generation Science Standards.Act 48 credit is available for Middle School and High School.
Students can collect as many stamps as they want in their passport booklet by visiting corporate and higher education exhibit booths. 
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