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There's an App for That!

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2014 at 11:07am | Secondary Education

Parents and students who will visit 
Southern High School on Feb 24
and Mar 3 to schedule courses
for the next school year are invited
to visit Mrs. Lisa Bender’s 
classroom before or after
their assigned scheduling
time with a student’s Advisor.  
In an effort to help students and parents understand the importance of being “College & Career Ready”, Bender will open up her iPad Lab, funded through a grant from Discover’s Pathway to Financial Success.  Parents and students can try out a variety of Apps that will walk them through fun and engaging activities associated college readiness and career selection.  Apps will allow students and their parents to seek information about picking a career, salaries associated with specific job titles, career positions that are categorized into student interests such as working on computers, the arts, playing sports, being outside, helping people, etc… 
Students will also get a chance to use an App to find out how well they are preparing themselves to be College & Career Ready and get tips on what they can do to be sure they are on a path towards benchmarks identified with college and career connections.  No appointment necessary!  
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