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GCASC Members Represent Garrett County in Annapolis!

Last Updated on Feb 25, 2014 at 6:30pm | Secondary Education

Garrett County Association of Student Councils Visits Annapolis for Lobbying Day
A delegation of students from Garrett County Association of Student Councils visited Annapolis on Monday, February 24, 2014 for the Maryland Association of Student Councils annual Lobbying Day.  

Students met in the Senate Building and were provided an overview of the structure of the Maryland Legislature, introduction to prominent members of the Legislature, and a summary of the writing of a Bill.  
Following the brief introductory video presentation, the Legislative Services Guide, Sue Williams took students on a tour of the Governor's House, where they received information about the history of the house and it furnishings/art.  
The students also toured both the Senate and the House, traveled through the tunnels, visited Legislative Services, and later met with Delegate Wendell Beitzel and Senator George Edwards in the House Building to discuss relevant legislation and any questions related to work as a legislator.  Bills discussed included minimum wage, Sunday hunting, assistance for counties with declining school enrollment/population, carrying of firearms during bow season and some others.  

The group toured scenic, historic Annapolis and dined in the popular Chick and Ruth's prior to departing for the day.

For more information about GCASC, MASC and other leadership opportunities, please contact the Office of Youth Development at 301-334-8911 (Michelle Harman).

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