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Schoology Learning Management System (LMS)

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  • Students must be logged into Chrome with their GCPS credentials to have the best Schoology experience.
  • GCPS credentials will be distributed by your school.


  • You will use the link above to login to Schoology once you have created an account using the parent access code.
  • Parent Access Codes for Schoology will be distributed by your school.
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Instructions for using the Parent Access Code to create a Schoology Account - VIDEO

  • Parents will receive access codes from your teacher upon request.
  • Parent Access Codes are unique to each student but can be used to make multiple parent accounts.
  • Parents will need the access code and an email address to create an account with Schoology.
  • Visit when you are ready to create a parent account.

Schoology Parent Notifications - VIDEO

Parent Video - Schoology Student View

Navigating Schoology as a student. This video is a preview of what parents and students can expect when navigating Schoology Courses and other student features.
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GCPS CHROMEBOOKS using CLEVER and SCHOOLOGY Instructional Videos


Personal Laptop or Home computer to access SCHOOLOGY Instructional Videos


SCHOOLOGY App Downloads for mobile phones Instructional Videos

Click the picture above to visit the GCPS Schoology YouTube Channel


What Should I Expect in Schoology?

When a teacher uses Schoology as an instructional tool, parents can expect to view:
The learning experience delivered through the LMS platform will include course materials, instructions, digital assignments, links to resources, and videos.
Note: Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc. are not viewable to parents because Google access is restricted to students and teachers.
Your child’s activity in the course, including but not limited to:
Submitted and missing assignments.
Posts (text and media) your child created.
If a teacher uses Schoology as a communication tool, parents can expect the following:
Classroom communication such as announcements about assignments and classroom updates
GCPS systemic communications such as school closings will still be shared through School Messanger, your home School, and through the GCPS website.

What to remember as you engage with Schoology:

Students must be logged in to Chrome with their GCPS credentials to have the best Schoology experience.
GCPS student credentials and Parent Access Codes for Schoology will be distributed by your school. Parents and Students should continue using PowerSchool to check grades.


GCPS values parent participation in your child’s education, and we encourage you to read Schoology’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Use at Schoology helps GCPS promote a safe and secure environment.
Personal data currently stored within Schoology is used to create student accounts and to deliver instruction. As part of our contractual agreement, all user data is strictly prohibited from being sold, released or disclosed for any purpose not required by the contract. Information used by the third-party vendors is limited to generic information not directly identifiable to a specific user.