Garrett County Public Schools Bus #34 on the southern end of the county is running 30 minutes late this morning.

Route 40

Elementary School

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I Can Swim


Principal: Mrs. Jacqueline Hawkins
Secretary: Mrs. Ginger Blocher
School Based Staff:
Ms. Shannon Miller - Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Laura Bolden - Pre-Kindergarten Assistant
Ms. Ashley Forrest - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Twila Maust - Kindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Debra Nicklin - First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Jencene Tice - Second Grade Teacher
Mrs. Penny Lapp - Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Mikaila Tice - Fourth Grade Teacher
Mrs. Donna Deal - Fifth Grade Teacher
Mrs. Meg Knauer- Instructional Assistant
Mr. Mitchell Hall - Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Amy Workman, RN - School Nurse
Mr. Scott Swauger - Head Custodian
Mrs. Joyce Kisner - Custodian
Mrs. LuAnn Klink - PIC
Brandi Ross - Music/Band/Chorus (Wed., Fri.)
Mr. Jason Brenneman - Physical Education (Tues., Thurs.)
Ms. Kelly Lasher - Art (Mon., Tues.)
Ms. Jessica Yoder - Media Assistant (Wed., Fri.)
Mrs. Connie Glotfelty - Counselor
Mrs. Jamie Kamp - Behavior Coach
Mrs. Amy Yoder-Yutzy - Speech and Language Therapist
Ms. Lindsey Strubin - Pupil Personnel Worker
Ms. Melissa Davis - IEP Coordinator
Ms. Susan Thatcher - School Psychologist
Ms. Carrie Hook - Family Support Worker