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Elementary School
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Working with Bees
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Working in the Garden
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Pre-K Blue Day
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Third Grade at Hickory
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The next PTO meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 13 at 6:00pm.

A Little About PTO:
  • The PTO is a way to bring a closer relationship between parents, teachers, and the community. We are a dues-paying organization and are open to anyone that supports the Route 40 PTO missions and purpose. We hold an annual membership drive, but you may join at any time. You will need to be a dues-paying member of the PTO to be able to participate in the meetings and make decisions. Dues are $3.00 for an individual or $5.00 for a family membership, which covers two members.
  • Our PTO provides the teachers with a Grab-N-Go Breakfast on their first day back-to-school. We also provide them with a meal during Parent Conferences throughout the year and a lunch for Teacher Appreciation. The PTO also purchases a gift card for Secretary’s Day.
  • The Halloween Social is one of the biggest projects for the PTO. It requires a lot of volunteers and hard work. We will be asking everyone to think about volunteering to help set up, run games, help with the raffle for classroom theme baskets, the bake sale, and more. We ask several local businesses for donations of food and other necessities. St. Michael’s allows us to use their games so our organization picks up those games and then returns them. Parents are asked for donations for the bake sale, or if they know someone that would like to provide baked goods. We are thankful to everyone that is able to help in any way.
  • The PTO will be holding a Vendor Fair in November. We invite vendors to come in, set up and sell their products. In the past, this has been held during Parent Conferences.
  • Santa’s Workshop will be held December 7th-10th, 2015. This is where students are able to purchase gifts for their families. More information will be sent home at a later date.
  • A Variety Show will be held in March where students have the opportunity to perform on stage. PTO will be providing the trophies for each participant.
  • The Health Wellness Activity will be held in April. There will be more information for this at a later date.
  • The Exhibition will be held in May. This is where the children do presentations on class projects.
  • STEM/Game Day is an end of the year classroom activity. More information to follow.
  • The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well at Route 40 School.
August 25  Agenda
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