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Route 40 School Donates to Coins for Caring

Last Updated on Dec 23, 2016 at 9:47am | Route 40 Elementary School

In the fall of 2009, Route 40 Elementary School staff started an internal charity drive through its Parent Involvement Team. The idea was that students could bring in their coins over the month of November to create a fund to support struggling families at Christmas. Parents quickly latched onto the idea of donating to a cause that provides 100% support to the recipients of their own community members.
Coins for Caring was designed to involve children in the spirit of Christmas giving to teach the shared responsibility of caring for one another. Classrooms collect funds placed in a clear plastic container so the students can visibly see the coins accumulating. Weekly counts are made and charted to create a friendly competition with winning classes earning nonmonetary rewards such as wearing pajamas to school. Since the inception of the program, the parents of Route 40 have always been very generous, often sending in checks to complement the gathering of the coins the children bring. Route 40 School has raised an average of $800 per year with more than $6,600 collected over the years.
This year was an exceptional year with over $1,600 donated. Part of this elevated amount was thanks to the hard work and dedication of two young boys in Route 40 Elementary School’s second grade. Chace and Ryken Winebrenner decided to manage a lemonade stand this summer to raise funds for the Route 40 families. The boys decided to sell cups of lemonade at a yard sale for one dollar. They reported that several people from the neighborhood, and even people they didn’t know, came and donated to the cause. Chace and Ryken just want the kids to have a good Christmas and receive presents. Thanks to the hard work of these two young men, and the support of their parents, an additional $465 was added to the fund, permitting the school to help even more families.
The motto of the school is “Route 40 students work together to solve problems and make a difference.” It is with a full heart that we can help those in need and teach students that people are the most important part of learning, and giving is the lesson learned this year.
                Pictured:  Ryken and Chace Winebrenner holding presents
                           purchased with the Coins for Caring money.