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Monthly Newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter
Back to School Night
Please mark your calendar for our Back to School Night on August 22, 2019 from 4:30- 6:30 p.m. We will begin our evening with a brief PTO meeting in the cafeteria. Classrooms will begin directly after the meeting.
We would like to thank our outgoing officers for doing such an amazing job. Mrs. Kayla Hanlin, Mrs. Michelle Bolden, and Mrs. Cindy Garlitz are exiting the positions. A huge shout out to all of the officers for their hard work and dedication to supporting our school staff and students. It is thanks to their endless hours of time that we were able to hand out new t-shirts to all students on Field Day and offer the Delgrosso tickets to those interested. In addition, they organize events like the Halloween Social, Santa’s Workshop, Santa’s visit, Kona Ice on Field Day, and purchases for students like art smocks and playground equipment such as a new sandbox and scooters. We are so fortunate to have an active and supportive community that adds value to the education we provide to students. Next year’s officers are looking forward to support from each family. They are listed below:
President: Ginger Blocher
Vice President: Brittany Fazenbaker
Secretary: Jessica Beeman
Treasurer: Amy Rowe
Auditor: Jennifer French
Three Hour Early Dismissals
June 10 and 11 are two hour early dismissals. Parent pick up will be called at 12:15 p.m. with busses dismissed directly after.
Lost and Found
While you are visiting for the many events in the next two weeks, please check our lost and found table in the front foyer. Any items not claimed by its rightful owner by June 11 will be donated to Goodwill.
Del Grosso’s
PTO will be sending a detailed email to all student/families that have sent in their papers regarding the DelGrosso Trip. This email will include each individual families RSVP for the trip along with the lunch menu that can be chosen. Payment will be needed day of the trip. Check made payable to PTO or cash will be accepted the day of the trip.
Email will be coming from
Any questions can be sent to Amy by email or contact by cell at 240-727-6402.
Report Cards
Report cards will be mailed out from the board office after school is out.
Meal Accounts
Please make sure all you do not have a negative balance on meal accounts. You may carry funds over from one year to the next. The accounts follow the students to the middle school as well.
A huge shout out to all of our volunteers this year! We send a heartfelt thank you for all of the support and endless hours provided to support our students. Our partnership is invaluable.
Summer Hours
School staff will be available at the school through June 19, 2019. Staff will not return on a regular basis until August 19, 2019. If you need to get in touch with someone, please feel free to email Mrs. Maust at
First Day of School
Students first day of school for the 2019-2020 year will be August 26. This will be a 3 hour early dismissal.
Nurse’s Note
It is tick season. Below is a really good link from the Maryland Department of Health about tick prevention, identification and removal. Have a great summer!
Student Medications
We ask that all parents pick up any medications housed at the school no later than June 12, 2019. Any medication left after that date will be properly disposed. Please remember that it is policy that an adult must sign for the receipt of the medications. If the adult is not the parent or guardian, there needs to be a note from the parent granting permission for the adult to sign for them. We are NOT permitted to send it with a child.
Staff Changes
We want to send our best wishes to Mrs. Kennell as she moves on to Northern High School. Ms. Redfield will be rejoining us in the 2019-2020 school year. We would also like to welcome Miss Yoder as our Media Assistant. She will be leaving fourth grade as an assistant.
Library Books
Thank you to all returning the library books. We want to thank Mrs. Michelle Bolden for doing an excellent job as the long term sub. She has been a welcomed addition to our staff.
Love and Logic
Centuries ago, I presume, a tradition developed whereby parents felt compelled to provide a tangible expression of their gratitude toward teachers. The original motivations for this tradition are unclear. Some may have been prompted by genuine appreciation; others may have been spurred by guilt and attempts to atone for the unruly classroom conduct of their children; some may have darker motivations where it was hoped a small payoff would “grease the wheels” a bit toward a better grade for their child.
While I’m sure that most educators truly appreciate the gesture, I’m not sure how many apples an average person can eat.

Of course, all of us dedicated educators want to be appreciated for our hard work, long hours, and willingness to be exposed to every germ known to humankind. It’s nice to be appreciated for the fact that we choose to love kids even when they behave badly and produce noxious fumes. It’s great to be appreciated for the fact that we take classrooms full of kids with different needs, abilities, behaviors, and troubles and turn them into high-powered learning teams.
Great teachers are amazing!

The best gift we can give them involves our own parenting. The most wonderful display of our appreciation is to send them students truly ready to be respectful, responsible, and eager to learn. No doubt this gift also benefits our children, who will rise to the top when equipped with such character attributes.

Listed below are just a few things you can do:
Make sure that your kids overhear you saying positive things about their school and their teachers.
Ensure that they are doing chores without reminders at home, so that they know how to do assignments without reminders at school.
Allow very little time with technology, including video games, texting, surfing the web, watching videos, television, etc. These activities make it more difficult for our children to remain calm and content at school.
Have family meals together, where you enjoy each other and talk about all of the things you’ve learned during the day.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for raising great kids who have what it takes to benefit from the privilege of schooling!

Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible.

Dr. Charles Fay
June Events
10 10:00 Grade 5 Completion Ceremony
Three Hour Early Dismissal
11 Respect and Responsibility Day
Three Hour Early Dismissal
August Events
22 Back to School Night 4:30 – 6:30
26 First Day of School – Noon