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Monthly Newsletter

September 2019
Enjoy Labor Day!
This is just a reminder that Garrett County Schools are closed on Monday, September 2 in observance of Labor Day.
Our school is inviting you to join Remind, a text messaging system that allows you to receive messages from our school on your phone. We send home reminders about early dismissals, school closures due to inclement weather, special events and other important information. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN LAST YEAR! If you have a smart phone (android or i-phone), open your browser to and join Route 40 School by adding your name and cell phone number or email address. If you do not have an android or i-phone, please text @3fhcdh to 81010. If you are unsuccessful with that, try texting @3fhcdh to (469) 208-6807 instead.
PTO Meeting/Membership
We will host our first Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting on September 9 at 6:00 p.m. Our meetings are held in the media center. PTO is currently accepting dues for membership $3.00 per person or $5.00 per family. Membership gives you a voice in the decision making process. We will be reviewing the School Improvement Plan, safety drills and preparing for the Halloween Social. Please join us to support our students!
Parents As Partners
Route 40 would like to welcome all new parents and those returning. It is the goal of the school to build relationships with all parents and recognize the responsibility each plays in the role of educating our students. Communication is the key to our success. Please remember to check bookbags, folders, and planners daily to ensure that all communication is shared. Many papers have been sent home and ask for needed information about health, parent contact, and learning needs of students. In addition, we use Remind, our website, and email to deliver information. Please feel free to use those same methods and share information with us. It is important to understand that social media is not an acceptable way for parents and staff to communicate information about students due to the lack of security. We often share confidential information with each other and should not be using that venue. We ask that parents stick with the methods above as well as phone calls and conferences in person.
Hickory Environmental Education Center
Some of our students will start visits to Hickory this month. Hickory is our outdoor environmental education center. It is located on the Northern High and Middle School complex. Students complete STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lessons. Our planetarium is also located there. This trip does not require parents as chaperones since Hickory provides the additional staff and is part of our school system. To learn more about the site, please visit, click on the departments tab and select Hickory Environmental Education Center.
Counselor’s Corner
*Mrs. Connie Glotfelty will be at Route 40 Elementary on Monday and Wednesday.
*September counseling lessons will include:
-Introduction to the Counselor's Role and how to access individual and group counseling.
-Social skills stories about lockdown drills and drill practice at all grade levels.
-VOICE level practice for PBIS
0- No voice- for hallways and safety drills
1- Whisper voice- during testing and in the library
2- Inside voice- about a 6-inch voice used in the classes and cafeteria
3- Teacher strong voice- a strong speaker voice used to present a report or during a play
4- Recess voice- outdoor voice for P.E. class or outside play.
Nurse’s Note
Recent studies show that a fall hatch of ticks may be underway. Here are some tips for outdoor activities:
stay in mowed areas
avoid tall grass, ferns and low hanging limbs
don't let children roll on the ground
check your arms and legs after you return indoors
inspect your children in the evening after playing outside
if you find an embedded tick, remove it correctly
if you must be in tall grass etc. tuck pants legs into socks and wear light colors so that ticks are more visible
Safety Drills
We will be conducting lock down drills four times this year. We teach the children that we are practicing being safe and quiet. Fire drills are conducted monthly and bus drills are twice a year. We also conduct a tornado drill and earth quake drill annually. If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Maust.
School Pictures
School pictures will be taken on September 27. Please look for the additional information from Life Touches attached to the email. Life Touches has partnered with Shutterfly and offers special promotion for our school and parents.
Parent volunteers are a vital part of our school routine. We host a regular work session to help prepare supplies on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00. If Wednesdays don’t align to your schedule, please feel free to call and set up another time to join us. We value the assistance volunteers can provide to our educational program. If you would be interested in assisting in other ways, please contact the classroom teacher. All volunteers wanting to work in the classroom with students will need prior approval from Mrs. Maust. Anyone working directly with children will need a background check and fingerprinting completed through the Board of Education. We do have a strict confidentiality policy for anyone working in proximity of students.
2018-2019 yearbooks have arrived and will be sent home with your child.
Arrival/Dismissal Schedule
Students are encouraged to ride busses. In the event that a parent must provide transportation, students may enter the building after 8:10 a.m. but must be in the building before 8:30 to avoid being marked tardy. Students will be sent to their classrooms at 8:15 with classes starting at 8:30. Students will be dismissed from classes on the following schedule:
Parent Pick Up 3:15
Busses 3:20 Bus 20, Bus 15, Bus 12
Due to the limited number of staff available to cover these duties, students will need to report for dismissal on time. No student will be permitted to return to the classroom from the bus line. Any noncompliant student will be treated as not being in their assigned area and the Code of Conduct will be followed.
School Improvement and Parent Involvement Teams
We are looking for creative and innovative parents wanting to support continued improvement and success for our students and ways to involve more parents. If you are interested in joining us in planning for the school year, please send a note in the planner or call. We are always looking for new ideas
Love and Logic Tip
Are You Preparing Kids for A World That Doesn’t Exist?
Is it really okay to hold kids accountable for their misbehavior… or is this an archaic concept that no longer applies to raising kids? We at Love and Love have always taught the same thing - hope and pray for affordable mistakes, provide a strong and sincere dose of loving empathy, and let logical or natural consequences do the teaching.

We provide unconditional love, dignity, and opportunities for kids to make small mistakes. That’s the “love” in Love and Logic. The “logic” develops inside the child’s heart and mind when they discover that the quality of one’s choices largely determines the quality of one’s life.
Do choices matter?

I remember the first time I heard how horrible and downright mean it is to upset our children by providing consequences. I was speaking at a seminar in Salt Lake City. (By the way… if you’re a Salt Lake City citizen, please don’t take any offense. I love your city.) A parent at the conference shared her confusion:
We caught our child sending inappropriate pictures of herself to her friend. We’d been learning about Love and Logic, so we felt it important that we take her phone. We really felt that it made sense… but then her therapist told us that we were way off base.

Trying to understand the situation, I asked, “Tell me how you did it.”

Mom continued:
We were careful to remain calm and to do our best to use empathy. We just told her that we loved her and that we didn’t feel comfortable providing a phone when she was using it to do something inappropriate and dangerous.

I was confused and asked, “So the therapist told you that you shouldn’t have done that?”

Mom replied:
The therapist told us that doing this was too upsetting to our daughter. He went on to tell us that Love and Logic isn’t effective because it upsets kids.

“What do you think?” I asked.

Her answer:
I just don’t know how a person can raise a responsible child without having some accountability.

Over the past few years, a strangely popular “no-consequences” movement has developed among many. They seem to argue that if we just do a better job of loving kids and meeting their underlying emotional needs, there will be no need for consequences. They also suggest that using consequences… even reasonable ones delivered with great love… is a big no-no.

Have you heard this, as well?

There’s some truth in what they say. Yes! Loving kids, building trusting relationships, and meeting needs is essential… and it does tend to cut down on the need for consequences. The downside of their rather extreme position is that it ignores the reality that the world is a place full of consequences.
It’s pay now or pay later.

We can either help our kids learn that choices matter when they are young and the consequences are small, or we can allow the world to teach this lesson when they are older and the consequences are often tragic.
Are we going to prepare our kids for a world that doesn’t exist… or the real world?
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible.
Dr. Charles Fay
September Events
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9 PTO 6:00
12 Grade 2 to Hickory
18 Noon Dismissal
26 Midterm
27 Picture Day