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Monthly Newsletter

June 2018 Newsletter


Back to School Night

Please mark your calendar for our Back to School Night on August 22, 2018 from 5:00- 7:00 p.m. We will begin our evening with a brief PTO meeting in the cafeteria. Classrooms will begin sessions at the following times:

5:15, 5:45, 6:15.


Two Hour Early Dismissals

June 11, 12, and 13 are two hour early dismissals. Parent pick up will be called at 1:15 p.m. with busses dismissed directly after.


Lost and Found

While you are visiting for the many events in the next two weeks, please check our lost and found table in the front foyer. Any items not claimed by its rightful owner by June 13 will be donated to Goodwill.


Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed out from the board office after school is out.


Meal Accounts

Please make sure all you do not have a negative balance on meal accounts. You may carry funds over from one year to the next. The accounts follow the students to the middle school as well.



A huge shout out to all of our volunteers this year! We send a heartfelt thank you for all of the support and endless hours provided to support our students. Our partnership is invaluable.




Summer Hours

School staff will be available at the school through June 20, 2018. Staff will not return on a regular basis until August 20, 2018. If you need to get in touch with someone, please feel free to call and leave a message. Mrs. Maust checks them weekly. You may also email Mrs. Maust at


First Day of School

Students first day of school for the 2018-2019 year will be August 27. This will be a 3 hour early dismissal.


Student Medications

We ask that all parents pick up any medications housed at the school no later than June 14, 2018. Any medication left after that date will be properly disposed. Please remember that it is policy that an adult must sign for the receipt of the medications. If the adult is not the parent or guardian, there needs to be a note from the parent granting permission for the adult to sign for them. We are NOT permitted to send it with a child.


Staff Changes

We want to congratulate Mrs. Sheila Baker on her retirement after 32 years of service. In addition, Mrs. Brenneman will be moving to Guatemala to work at Casa, the orphanage with which we are partnered. We want to thank Miss Opel, Miss Burdock and Mr. Kichty for taking on our long term sub positions for the year. We have been blessed with an incredible set of skills from each of these individuals and wish them the best in their future endeavors. I am pleased to announce that Miss Schafer will be moving to first grade as the teacher. Mr. Mitchell Hall will be transferring from Southern Middle School to take the Special Education position.


Library Books

Thank you to all returning the library books. The library is designated to have its carpet replaced immediately after students leave for the summer as well as a small portion of the front office.


Love and Logic

“It’s all about relationships!” she exclaimed as we drove toward the school where she worked. “People try to overcomplicate things, but it all has to do with how we relate each day to our students.”

In my travels to and fro, I’m blessed to meet some of the world’s most successful educators. For over three decades, this woman had enjoyed great effectiveness… and joy… with some of the most challenging special needs teens on the planet.

As we pulled into the parking lot, she smiled, and said, “I’ve seen quite a few expensive classroom management and school climate systems come and go. Right now we’re six months and $500,000 into our latest program. Like all of them, they have some good parts that completely fail when we forget about how we actually relate to students.”

In our nation’s desperate attempt to find more sophisticated sounding strategies for reaching our youth, is it possible that some have skipped over the basics? In our daily lives of hustle and bustle, is it easy to forget that people run on relationships… not systems or techniques?

Love and Logic is all about building and maintaining win-win relationships by:

Demonstrating to all students that we love them for who they are… not what we want them to become.

Providing limits in ways that communicate mutual respect and avoid triggering power struggles.

Preventing outbursts and other disruptions through the use of empathy, constructive humor and problem solving.

Making each student a member of the classroom family by encouraging them to participate in decision-making and the basic chores required to keep this family running.

Taking care of ourselves so that our students have healthy, powerful and positive role models.

These are the basics of a Love and Logic classroom family. Thanks for reading!

Dr. Charles Fay


June Events

4 Volunteer Luncheon 12:00

6 Grade 1 trip to the Discovery Center

7 Field Day

8 Campfire 6:30 – 11:00

11 Grades 4 & 5 Field Trip

Two Hour Early Dismissal

12 10:00 Grade 5 Completion Ceremony

Two Hour Early Dismissal

13 Respect and Responsibility Day

Two Hour Early Dismissal