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Third Grade at Hickory
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Third Grade Newsletter

Third Grade Weekly Facts


ReadingWe will finish our activities next week with Anca’s Journey. Your child will bring this book home this and next week and we will have a test on this story next week.


After Memorial Day, we will begin reading: Sarah, Plain and Tall, pages 206-221

Story Vocabulary:

1. slick – smooth, glossy, or slipper surface 2. rough – bumpy, knobby, or even surface

3. fetch – to go after and bring back somebody or something

4. batted – struck at something 5. buzzing – making a low, humming sound

6. rustle – a swishing or soft cracking sound 7. clattered – a loud rattling noise

8. thumped – hit in a way that made a loud dull sound

9. sniff- breathe in through the nose to see how something smells

10. prairie – a treeless, grass-covered plain in the Midwest


Math – Fractions

~ improper fractions ~ equivalent fractions ~fractions on number line

~We have been working on fractions for weeks!!! ~ test: Tuesday, May 22!

We will then be working on: multiplying by multiples of 10, geometry, and 2-step word problems.

Practice multiplication rings EVERY night!!!! At this point, children should be around the 9 facts!!! is an excellent resource




~ Spelling pattern: ou, aw test: May 18 ~ possessive nouns

~Spelling pattern: ending in er or le test: May 24 ~ complex sentences


Science/Social Studies

~ pond environment ~immigration, Ellis Island

~organisms that live in a pond ~past communities (tying in with Sarah Plain & Tall)


Important Info.

~ May 25- Old Bedford Village Trip –

  • Packed lunch is needed in a throw away bag
  • Your child may bring souvenir money. Very large, delicious cookies and ice cream are available for purchase as well!!
  • Weary comfy clothing and shoes (and sunscreen)
  • We will be back in time for bus dismissal!

~May 28 – NO SCHOOL