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Pre-K Newsletter October 19

Pre-K News – October 19
Reading - Next week we will continue our study of the alphabet. We will be focusing on the letter F,f. On Monday please send in one item that begins with the letter F, f, (fish, frog, etc.) (Please make sure that each sharing item is labeled with your child’s name and not larger than backpack size).
Math- Next week we will begin our unit on positional words, (over, under, beside, behind, etc.). Please discuss and use these terms at home.

Science – Next week we will begin our unit on Halloween. We will be reading many books about this topic.
Monday –send F, f for sharing
Tuesday and Thursday -P.E. days
Friday – library day, please return library books
* Please continue to have your child take a few minutes to practice his or her name each evening. As your child is writing it, please be spelling it also, we are practicing this in the classroom. Thank you for your support.
At the end of October we will hold a Halloween Social at Rt. 40 School. Each class will gather donations to create raffle baskets to be sold there. The basket theme for Pre – K will be gift cards. We ask that you send in a gift card, (5.00, 10.00, or other dollar amount) for a restaurant or other location in our area, ((Sheetz, Arbys, Wal-Mart, Chick Fil A, etc.). Our gift basket is always a popular item!
Pre-K is also responsible for pie filling and stuffing mix for the harvest baskets. We appreciate your donations.
Each classroom will have a Halloween party on Friday, October 26 at 2:00. We will notify each family of the food item we would like your child to bring on that special snack day. You will be invited into our classroom, at 1:45, to help dress your child, watch the school parade, hear a couple of Pre-K songs and be with your child at snack time. We look forward to you joining our room on that afternoon!