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Working with Bees
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Working in the Garden
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Pre-K Blue Day
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Third Grade at Hickory
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Pre-K News

Pre-K News – April 5
Reading - Next week we will continue our study of the alphabet. We will be focusing on the letter R,r. On Monday please send in one item beginning with the letter R,r, (rabbit, radio, etc.). Please continue to practice alphabet packets each evening. Math- Next week we will continue our unit on numbers. We will be exploring numbers to 100. Please practice number packets each evening. Science – Next week we will continue our unit on frogs. We will be reading many books about this topic. ****************************************************************** Monday – please send in R,r item for sharing Tuesday and Thursday -P.E. days Thursday – library day, please return library book ******************************************************************************************** Please return the Mt. Playhouse permission form and lunch information as soon as possible. PTO has graciously paid for the trip for all students! ? Please mark your calendars for our end of the year trip to Hovatter’s Zoo on Friday, May 17. You are invited to meet us at the zoo to spend the day with your child. More information will be coming home soon.