Garrett County Public Schools Bus #34 on the southern end of the county is running 30 minutes late this morning.

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Kindergarten News
March 13, 2020
Dear Parents/Guardians,
I hope you everyone had a great week! We are ending this week with news that we will not be in school for the next two weeks. Your child is bringing home a folder/packet of work for this time off. This work counts as credit for the days missed. You will need to sign off on a calendar for each day and send back all completed work and materials with your child on the first day back. A video will be emailed to you.
April 9th~ Noon Dismissal
April 10th~ Good Friday; No School
April 11th~ No School, Easter Monday
April 17th~ PK and K to FSU Science Center (more information to follow)
Please be sure you are practicing essential skills with your child every evening! This is very important as we enter this break in your child’s daily education.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school: 301-689-6132 during my planning from 9:15-10 or by email: If it concerns your child, it concerns me.
Stay safe and healthy! See you in two weeks!
Mrs. Nicklin and Mrs. T. Maust