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Kindergarten Newsletter

Kindergarten News
May 31, 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We had a great visit to FSU this week visiting the museum and completing many hands on activities.
A few classroom reminders:
Continue to dress your child appropriately for the weather.
Practice red words, math, reading, and writing skills each evening with your child.
Be sure to return Campfire interest forms if you and your family are planning to attend.
Next Week:

Reading~ open/closed syllables, fairy tales, story elements and sequencing
Writing~ Sentence structure, COPS, fiction writing
Math~ Subtraction; practice addition and subtraction facts within 5 nightly
Health~ Summer Safety
Slip and Slide day is June 4th. Students who have returned their forms will be allowed to participate. Be sure your child wears their swimming clothes under their regular clothes that day and apply sunscreen prior to coming to school, if possible. Be sure your child has a towel, plastic bag, and change of clothing to participate. Flip-flops can be sent to make changing easier.
May 29th~ PK/K to FSU
June 3rd~ Student Exhibition (Kindergarten: 10:15-11, OG lesson)
June 4th~ Slip and Slide Day, 1/2 hour per grade level
June 6th~ Field Day
June 7th~ Spring Concert at 9a.m.
June 7th~ Campfire, 6pm
June 10th~ Noon dismissal
June 11th~ Noon dismissal; last day for students
Have a fantastic and safe Memorial Day weekend!
Mrs. Nicklin and Mrs. T. Maust