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Kindergarten Newsletter


Kindergarten News
September 14, 2018
Dear Parents/Guardians,
What a great week in Kindergarten! We are continuing to work on classroom and school rules, as well as acts of kindness. In reading, we discussed nouns as people, places, things, and animals. We also reviewed letters “c” and “o” and their corresponding sounds as well as high frequency words “I”, “a”, and “like”. In math, we reviewed number rhymes 0 to 5. In Social Studies, we discussed how our families are unique and special. We are still working to complete beginning of the year assessments.
Next week:
Reading: Rhyming, story elements, nouns, picture books
Word Works: letter “Aa”; red words “and”, “to”
Math: Continue to work with numbers 0-5 and sorting
Science: What is a science? What is a scientist and what tools they use.
Be sure to check the snack calendar to see when your child’s snack day is. We have 21 students. We also have a peanut and blueberry allergy. Please send healthy snacks and water! Thanks!
Book orders are due September 17th.
September 18th: noon dismissal
Homework: Your child should be working on letters and sounds each evening and sight word recognition, as well as number recognition and counting to 100.
Vocabulary journals will be coming home for homework next week, generally on Wednesday evenings. Please have your child complete the activity and return the journal the next day.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs. Nicklin and Mrs. T. Maust