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Fourth Grade Newsletter

4th Grade
January 21st – January 31st
January 20th - No School
January 21st - Noon Dismissal
January 28th - Parent Conferences
Students are beginning work on fractions. We will continue fractions for a while since it is a large part of the 4th grade curriculum. Students will model fractions of a shape, of a set, and on a number line. We will also write equivalent fractions and compare fractions. One simple task you can do at home is to have your students skip count. For example, they could skip count by 3’s (3, 6, 9, 12, 15…) By skip counting students will recognize the numbers that work well together with multiplication and division. This will help students write equivalent fractions.
Students are starting to analyze text based on their text structure. By looking at the organization of the text, students can know what to expect from the author and how to better read the passage. We will also begin researching for our informational writing. Students randomly selected a county in Maryland to research and write an essay. We will look at how experts write nonfiction texts and apply the lessons to our own writing.
In Word Works students are looking at the morphology of words. We have learned 3 prefixes and are learning 3 suffixes. Students have a word ring with cards. These cards have sample words, a hand motion, and definition to help build vocabulary. Students are expected to be able to use words in their writing with these word parts. You can help your student by having him/her select a word with the word part and write a definition. They cannot use the word part in their definition.
For example: inaccurate = in + accurate would mean not precise
Then students would write a sentence using inaccurate.
Students will begin a unit on waves and the properties of waves. This unit included several experiments with sound waves and light waves. Students really seem to enjoy this unit because of the hands-on activities.
Social Studies
Students are learning about the impact the European settlers had on the Native Americans. We will begin understanding the causes and the effects of the French and Indian War and ultimately the Revolutionary War. Our guided reading books will add to this knowledge since the novels are Revolutionary War books such as Daniel and the Siege of Boston.