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Fourth Grade Newsletter

Grade 4 Newsletter
Box Tops are always welcomed
Halloween Social October 26th
Students are working on addition and subtraction. This topic will include writing equations, using algorithms, and solving word problems. One of our focuses this year will be modeling and reasoning. Students will work on making visual representations and explaining how problems were solved.
Please continue working on multiplication facts. I cannot express enough how important fluency in these facts becomes as the year goes on. Our next unit is multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit.
In reading, students are continuing the book, Because of Winn-Dixie. We complete work on analyzing characters, making predictions, using figurative language, and making connections. Students are also looking into children’s books to see what makes a good narrative. As the first quarter continues we will be working on our own personal narrative. Students have worked on writing about characters and from certain points of view. I enjoy listening to the students’ writing.
Students are working on the characteristics of living organisms and how these organisms are classified. We have worked on plant cells and animal cells. Students have completed visual organizers and are looking at the similarities and differences.
Social Studies
Fourth graders are working on reviewing the continents, oceans, latitude, and longitude. Students are also examining the geography of Maryland and the impact the geography has on people and resources.
Halloween Social
4 graders are responsible for gravy and cornbread mix for the harvest baskets. Please bring these items in to be added to the baskets. The baskets will be raffled at the social.
Also the 4th grade basket will be a craft basket. Students are asked to bring in new craft items. These items can be anything that could be used to make a craft. The items will be added to a basket to be raffled at the social.