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Working with Bees
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Working in the Garden
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Pre-K Blue Day
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Third Grade at Hickory
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First Grade Newsletter

1st Grade Newsletter
What’s Happening
This Month
October 9th- PTO 6:00pm
October 10th- 3 Hour Early Dismissal
October 11th- No School
October 25th- Halloween Social
Spelling words: This week we will be working on compound words and open and closed syllables. There will be two different spelling list based on your child’s needs. Use the list in their planners Red Words: is, too, see, my
Notes From Ms. Forrest:
-Tic tac know is due Thursday. We will have our spelling test Thursday for those that are working on open/closed syllables (hero, zero). The ones with compound words.
-Basket items for the harvest baskets for 1st grade is cans of sauerkraut and carrots or peas please bring in cans starting this week.
- For our classroom basket we will be doing a money tree. Please send in at least a $10 donation for the tree. If you would like to send in more you are more than welcome to.
-Here is the link for the scholastic book orders and my code is: TMQ9W
Peak at the week:
Math- reviewing more math topic 7 retest, adding 0, 1, 2 to a number
Social Studies/Science- Fire Fighters, Sun, Moon and Stars
ELA- Lucia’s Neighborhood, adjectives Vocab: all, me, does, my, here, who
Writing- Sentence Writing/ Narrative Writing