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Fifth Grade Newsletter

February 12, 2019
Dear Parents,
Happy Tuesday! Below is a synopsis of our week.
The students continue to work on our guided reading books. Both groups are reading excellent books and answering questions that demonstrate understanding.
In math we completed our Topic 5 assessment. Our Topic 6 work will be learning how to divide decimals.
Science finds the students working with the topic of chemistry. They are learning what a mixture is and how to separate those mixtures.
Students are beginning to study the 13 original colonies. They are working in groups to find how the colonies originated.
Spelling test will be Friday. They continue to write words in cursive, and practice during the week here at school.
Attached to the letter is our list for Valentine’s Day. Grade 5 will be having a small snack and then distribute their cards. Please make sure your child has a card for every student. This is not a party, but simply a time to distribute cards and enjoy reading them. This will take place from 2:30 – 3:00 on Thursday.
Have a great week.
Mrs. Donna Deal
Student list
Carson Clise Camden Fender
Olivia Garltiz Brady Green
Wally Green Aubrey Hanlin
Abigail Harrison Hayden Heslop
Molly Magruder Taybrenn Montana
Abigail Nelson Jamsine Ramsey
Harley Shaffer Lyndasi Sharpless-Pitts
Kiley Spiker Brayden Staub
Harry Weimer Kasey Logsdon