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Fifth Grade Newsletter

From the Classroom of Mrs. Deal
September 3, 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Thank you for sending your child(ren) ready to work. We had such a great beginning of the school year. Our schedule is set, but we are still working on assessments and learning various computer programs to be used during our RtI times.
This week in math, we will be looking at place value to the thousandths. There may be some homework by the end of the week. Your child may bring home his/her workbook home any day of the week. This is good practice so that the students are reviewing what we have learned in the classroom. Any pages we have not completed can be completed for practice.
As soon as all assessments are completed in reading, we will begin our shared and guided reading lessons. The students will be reading books based on their appropriate reading level.
Our social studies lessons are based on map skills right now. We are reading texts and using reading comprehension strategies to to learn about the ways to read a map.
The students are learning about using engineering and math in science. We will be working outside to create a maze which will attract pollinators. We will be sending home invitations for parent help in the near future. Anyone with experience of landscaping and knowledge of gardening would be of huge help to us. More information will follow.
Please remember to sign up for PTO. We work best when we are all involved.
If you have not signed up for Remind, I would ask that you please do so. I send a Remind just about every day with the homework assignments. If you need a copy of this, please send me a note and I will get the information to you.
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