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Our school motto is “Route 40 students work together to solve problems and make a difference.” Our PBIS mantra is Respectful, Responsible, and Safe. We strongly believe there is no limit to what can be achieved when we work towards this ideal.

Inclement Weather Plan

At the Board of Education meeting on January 11, 2022, the Garrett County Board of Education approved the Inclement Weather Plan for Virtual Learning Days. This plan was then submitted to the Maryland State Department of Education for review and later received approval. Therefore, this plan will be implemented for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year.

Route 40 Inclement Weather Plan.

In the event that a virtual snow day is announced Route 40 Students will be sent home with devices the day before the virtual snow day. On the virtual snow day students will log into their devices at 8:15 AM and remain logged in until 12:35 PM. Teachers will take attendance at 8:15 AM. Please find your student's schedule on the sidebar under Virtual Snow Days.




Route 40 Elementary School
COVID Related Absences
When a student is absent for an extended period of time, it is important to keep them engaged in the learning process so that they can rejoin their class without learning loss. COVID-related absences tend to be for multiple days. The teachers and staff at Route 40 are committed to helping your student stay on track.
Attendance Guidance
COVID Related Absence Codes
Additional codes (Q and 25) have been added to be used to track absences related to COVID 19, such as:
Student illness due to COVID 19
Doctor’s note excusing student absence due to COVID 19
Student is not engaged in learning due to circumstances related to COVID 19
Illness within the family that impacts student attendance due to COVID 19
CODE Q - Assigned for any student that is required to isolate/quarantine. This does NOT count as an excused or unexcused absence but rather helps to track who is learning at home due to isolation or quarantine.
CODE 25 - Assigned for any student required to isolate/quarantine and does not meet the definition of present while learning at home. This will be an excused absence and missed work can be made up based on the GCPS Student Handbook make-up work regulations.
CODE Q and CODE 25 will be managed by the person in charge of maintaining the daily attendance in each building. This includes gathering information from the teacher of record about the absent students ability to be present and continue their continuity of learning while quarantined or isolated.
Getting Student Materials
If your student leaves during the school day due to COVID, your student will be provided with their assigned laptop, textbooks, and papers that are needed to complete the learning activities. If you need a hot spot, you will be provided with one for the duration of the absence. Additionally, your student will need to access Schoology to see announcements and updates on assignments.
If your student does not come to school due to COVID symptoms, is a close contact to someone who tested positive, or is awaiting test results, please contact the school so that we can provide you with the student’s laptop and learning materials. If you have a computer and internet access at home, you will be able to access Schoology for the assignments without coming in to pick up materials. Please communicate this to Ginger Blocher or Jacqueline Hawkins . You may call the school as well, 301-689-6132.
Accessing Student Work
Teachers may send home supporting materials and paper packets with the student laptop. These may not be for the duration of the absence. You and your student should access Schoology to find additional assignments, resources, and teacher communication. You may also communicate with the classroom teacher through Schoology. If you have any questions about Schoology, please contact the teacher or Jacqueline Hawkins.
Tutoring and Assignment Support
Your student may need help with the work assigned. If you would like to access virtual tutoring via a Google Meet, please call the school or email Jacqueline Hawkins to make a tutoring schedule.




The following pesticide will be applied on:
Date of Application: September 17, 2021
Common Name of pesticide applied: DELTADUST
Location of application: Route 40 Elementary School
(Bee's at playground equipment and Toy Shed)
For additional information, including information on potential adverse effects, contact:
Jacqueline Hawkins Principal Route 40 Elementary School
Richard Wesolowski Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Garrett County Public Schools
Page 19 of 19 Other Instructional Operations 854.10 MGS Adopted 9/14/99
Integrated pest management procedures such as inspections and monitoring are used to determine when to control pests and to identify conditions contributing to pest problems. The necessity for pest control, if warranted, is evaluated and one or more pest control methods including sanitation, structural repair, non-chemical methods and pesticides is utilized. Problem areas are identified where alternative pest control technologies can be incorporated in order to eliminate routine pesticide applications. It has been determined that a current pest problem warrants the use of a pesticide to effectively control the pest problem.
School: Route 40 Elementary School 17764 National Pike Frostburg MD 21532
Location(s) of the Pesticide Application: Bees Playground Equipment and Toy Shed
Planned Date and Time of Application: September 17, 2021 between 1pm-4pm
Note: The Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Regulations pertaining to Integrated Pest Management and Notification of Pesticide Use in Public Schools requires that the following information be provided as part of this notice:
The Office of Pesticide Programs of the United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated: Where
possible, persons who potentially are more sensitive, such as pregnant women and infants (less than two years old), should avoid any unnecessary pesticide exposure.
The following information regarding potential adverse effects was taken from the materials safety data:
PRODUCT NAME: Deltamethrin 52918-63-5 0.05, Crystalline quartz (respirable) 14808-60-7 2.50, Calcium carbonate 1317-65-3 95.4 COMMON NAME: DELTADUST INSECTICIDE EPA REGISTRATION NUMBER: 432-772 HEALTH HAZARD DATA: Classification in accordance with regulation HCS 29CFR $1910.1200. This material is not hazardous under the criteria of the Federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29CFR 1910.1200.
If you require further information regarding this notice, you may contact Richard Wesolowski at 301-334-8907 or Jacqueline Hawkins 301-689-6132
Picture Day will be Friday September 24, 2021.
Picture Day
Back to School Night Wed September 1, 2021 5:00 - 7:00 PM

When you drive by Route 40 you can see a message from our staff!

COVID April 3, 2020 Packet Pick Up and Drop Off
All parents are permitted to travel to schools to pick up and drop off educational materials. Teachers have contacted parents and determined times for the exchange of the materials. Any parent dropping off packets must make sure names are on the child's papers and place them in the grade level boxes outside the main front doors. Please place the lid back on the box to ensure that papers do not blow away. Packets with the child's name will be on the table that is outside the main doors at the time given to the child's teacher as the pick up time. NO ONE will be permitted to enter the building for any reason.