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Section 800

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Section 800
857.223 Bomb Threat Procedure

857.224 Bomb Threats Preparedness - Planning Checklist

857.225 Bomb Threat Checklist

857.3 Pedestrian-Traffic Safety

857.31a Exception to One Quarter Mile Bus Stop Requirement

857.31b Bus Stop Change (Form)

861 School Lunch
862.0 Food Service Satelliting Program (Policy)

866.61 Serving Dinners-Banquets to Non-School Related Groups

866.62 Use of Cafeteria Facilities for Banquets (Form)

866.8 Sale and Distribution of Candy, Pop, and Other Non-Food It a
to Students
871 Use of Small Parcel Delivery for Inter-School Distribution
872.2 Reassignment of State-Funded Movable Equipment
880 Group Health ins urance
890 Procedures for Selection of Architects/Engineers for
Public School Construction Projects

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Section 800