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Section 500
533 Teachers, Hours, Student/Instructional Staff Ratios, Vacancies
533.110 Work Year
533.4 Teacher Re-assignment/Transfer
533.41 Teacher Placements, Assignments, Transfers, and Vacancies
533.60 Teacher Yearly Objective/s
533.601 Teacher Yearly Objective/s (Form)
533.61 Teacher Evaluation (Policy)
533.611 Teacher Evaluation (Procedure)
533.62 Teacher visitation (Policy)
533.621 Teacher Visitation (Procedure)

533.622a Professional Development Record - Form I

533.622b Professional Development Record - Form 11
533.63 The Visitation and Evaluation of Non-Tenured Teachers
533.630 Guidance Counselor Evaluation
533.630 Administrative and Supervisory Staff Evaluation Guidelines
533.630b Administrative and Supervisory Evaluations
533.7 Evaluation of Superintendent of Schools
534.1 Contracts, Tenure, Resignation
535.11 Timetable for the Evaluation of Non-Supervisory Personnel
(Unsatisfactory Professional Service of Certificated Teachers)
536 Substitute Teachers (Policy)
536.1 Substitute Teachers (Procedure)
540 Maryland Assessment Center Program (MACP)
551.12 Salaries for Professionals Employed Under Federal Programs

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Section 500
551.12b Placement of Personnel on Salary Schedules

551.12c Recommendation of Individuals for Administrative Positions

551.13 Incentive Salary Payment

551.13a Application for Incentive Salary Payment

552 Insurance Program

563.01 Leaves f Absence (Tenured Teachers)

563.10 Family medical Leave Act

563.101 Family Medical Leave Act

563.121 Use of Sick Leave by Certificated Employees

563.2 Military Leave
563.3 Bereavement Leave - Part-Time Supporting Services Personnel
563.4 Extended Personal Leave and Family Illness Leave

563.51 Participation at National Conferences and Meetings

563.8 Schedules, Illness, and General Availability of Personnel

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Section 500