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Last Updated: 8/1/98
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550

The Garrett County Public Schools maintains an online version of its Polices and Procedures Handbook to further public access of its policies. The following documents are provided as an "as is" representation of information contained within the Garrett County Public Schools's Policies and Procedures Handbook. There may be spelling and/or typographical differences between the following electronic documents and the offical documents.

Please Select A Subdivision of the Policies and Procedures Handbook

Public Schools  | Meeting Procedures, Goals, Appeals, Camp Hickory
School Administration  | Powers and Duties, Improvement Teams, Reponsibilities
Instruction  | Programs, Curriculum Modification, Evening School, Field Trips
Pupil Personnel Services  | Enrollment Reuirements, Immunization Req's, Attendance, Suspensions & Expulsions
Supporting Services Personnel  | Overtime, Evaluation, Personnel Files, Annual Leave
Business Affairs  | Retiree Insurance, Payment of Salaries, Fundraising, Worker's Compensation
Other Non-Instructional Operations  | Drug Free Zone, Bus Operations, Late Openings & Closings, Health Insurance
School-Community Relations  | School Visitation, Use of School Facilities, Research Requests
Certificated & Other Professional
 | Residency Rquirement, Personnel Files, Sexual Harassment, Alcohol & Drug Policy

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