Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 8/10/98
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550

Promotion / Retention

Board Policy

     The Garrett County Public Schools offers to each student equal educational opportunities. students desiring to gain maximum benefits from those opportunities generally will progress Annually from one grade to the next. However, all students do not learn and demonstrate. achievement at the same rate. Additionally, the maturity and physical and social development rates differ for each student at any given age.

     Also, the Garrett County Public Schools and each individual school must do its boot to insure that each student is adequately demonstrating minimal achievement at each instructional level. In light of accountability programs, we must insist that academic achievement, within the parameters of each student's ability, continues to be a most important consideration in determining whether to promote or retain a student.

     A decision to retain a student must not be taken lightly and must carry with it the responsibility for providing appropriate and adequate educational programs. Principals and teachers have the responsibility to keep parents informed of students' abilities and development. Likewise, parents must be responsible to be informed about appropriate educational programs and established expectations developed for their children. Maximum benefits from school experiences are only obtained from cooperative efforts of both parents and schools.

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Instruction 344.3 AAC
Adopted 12/9/82
Revised 1/18/93 BEM, 12/13/93 LDP, 12/13/94 LDP