Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 8/1/98
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550

Test Security and Data Reporting

Board Policy

1. Applicable Tests and Materials

     In accordance with COMAR 13A.03.04, it shall be the policy of the Garrett county Public Schools that adequate provisions be made for the security of state mandated testing materials and the testing process itself and for the accuracy of its data reporting. Specifically to be included are:

2. Local School Systsm Test Security Policies and Procurement Designate

     This policy shall be incorporated in student handbooks. Each certificated employee shall receive a copy of this Policy at the time of hire and it will be incorporated in the school handbooks with staff periodically reminded of this policy.

     The local accountability coordinator will be designed by the Superintendent and the coordinator's name provided to the State Department of Education. The coordinator shall be charged with implementing appropriate provisions for the security of materials and the storage of all secure tests, and test materials including answer keys, audio tapes, and examinee answer documents before, during and after testing. These procedures shall provide for storage of all materials under lock and key at a central location.

3. Invalidation of Test Scores

     Provisions shall be made by the Local Accountability Coordinator to ensure that individuals administering the tests shall adhere to all procedures specified in the Maryland Accountability Coordinators Handbook and all administrator manuals for mandated testing programs. In addition, with the distribution of test materials, all test administrators will be informed that it is a violation of state regulations for anyone to knowingly and willfully:

     A student who knowingly causes, allows, or is otherwise involved in the presentation of forged, counterfeit, or altered Identification for the purpose of obtaining admission to a test administration site for any of the tests listed above shall have the test results invalidated, and shall be ineligible to retake the test until the next official testing opportunity. A student who knowingly engages in any activities during testing which result in invalidation of scores shall be ineligible to retake the test until the next official testing opportunity.

4. Suspension and Revocation

     The local school system shall report to the State Superintendent any violations of test security or data reporting. Violations may result in the suspension or revocation of an individual's teaching certificate, invalidation of test results, or the withholding of funds to the local school system.

5. Archive Requirement

     Each local school system (and each school) must retain for three years after the date of test administration the following information for each testing group for each testing day: the name and student identification number for each student, the school and system name and identifier, and the names of the test administrators, examiners, and proctors.

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