Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 8/1/98
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550

A Procedure to Modify the Curriculum of the
Garrett County Public Schools
by Adding or Deleting Programs and Disciplines

Administrative Procedure

     The development and evolution of the curricular offerings in the public schools occurs in essentially three ways:

1. Teachers, teaching teams, departmental staff, and/or faculties develop course offerings which add to or enrich the curriculum within their areas of responsibility and interest.

2. Administrators and supervisors in reviewing the needs of children and youth, and in analyzing the scope and sequence of the curriculum institute additions and modifications to the course offerings.

3. Local and state boards of education and the state and federal legislators implement directives, laws, and by-laws which establish and/or define specific course offerings.

     Since the Garrett County Public Schools is responsible for the over-sight of the general curriculum, it is apparent that the board should be kept informed about significant changes made to the curriculum of the public schools. Therefore, when it is believed that new disciplines or subjects should be added to the curriculum, or when existing programs should be deleted from the course offerings, the principal(s), supervisor(s), and director(s) under whose purview the proposed addition(s) or deletion(s) fall will propose in writing such change(s) to the assistant superintendent for instruction. The assistant superintendent for instruction will review the request for addition or deletion of program(s), and if he/she approves, will inform the superintendent of schools that the change is being contemplated. The superintendent of schools will in turn inform the board of education of such pending change at its next regular, or otherwise appropriate, meeting. such recommendations will not be implemented until the Public Schools has been informed.

     This procedure is not intended to limit the staff in any way from revising existing curricula or from enriching the course offerings in any current discipline.

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Adopted 9/14/89