Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 8/1/98
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550

School Improvement Teams

Board Policy

     The Garrett County Public Schools has encouraged the participation of parents and others in the community in the education of students through involvement in school decision-making. To this end the Garrett County Public Schools directs the Superintendent to establish a School Improvement Team (SIT) in each public school in Garrett County. The function of the SIT will be to actively assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the educational program at each school.

     Membership on the SIT is to include school staff, parents, and community members to include a representative of the Parent-Teacher Assocation or other parent organization. The tenure of membership on the SIT is left to the discretion of individual schools.

     The scheduling of meetings for the SIT will essentially be driven by the operational cycle of the school system. As a result, it will be incumbent upon the principal of each school to facilitate the scheduling of meetings so as to complement this cycle. Minutes should be kept of all meetings to facilitate the work of the SIT.

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