Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 8/1/98
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550

Public Schools

Administrative Procedure

     In order to provide parties appearing before the Garrett County Board of Education in hearings and appeals an opportunity to fairly present their relative positions and evidence, while at the name time, making efficient use of the Board's time, the following procedures are adopted. These procedures will apply in all matters in which the Public Schools of Garrett County exercises its quasi-authority under the School Law. The Board may waive the strict application of the procedures provided herein if it believes that such waiver is necessary or appropriate in the interest of justice in an individual case.

I. General Procedures

II. Standard Procedure

III. Informal Procedures

     In all cases except those described in Section II above, the appeal or hearing shall proceed according to Informal Procedures. Informal Procedures are similar to those described in Section II above except the burden of goirg forward and burden of proof shall be on the Appellant and the formal order of calling witnesses shall be more relaxed within the discretion of the Presiding Officer. The Board shall impose a time limit on each party's case of 15 minutes. These Informal Procedures will be used in such cases as bus stop appeals, out-of-area transfer request appeals and other cases not requiring the use of the Standard Procedures as set out in Section II above. The Appellant will be advised if these Informal Procedures will be used at the same time they are informed of the date and time of the appeal. Parties objecting to the use of theme Informal Procedures MUST notify the Board and administration within seven days of receiving the notice that Informal Procedures will be used. Upon request before or at the beginning of the hearing, the Presiding officer may extend the time limit as the Presiding Officer deems appropriate.

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Adopted 9/8/88
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