Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 6/14/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedures

The Garrett County Public Schools maintains an "open door" policy encouraging visiting in our schools by patrons and the public of our schools. These visits can serve and should serve students primarily as a constructive vehicle for both school personnel and the visitors. To ensure that the program of all students is kept in major focus during this process, visitors are asked to observe the following procedures when they visit schools:

1. Sign in at the principal's office on the appropriate sheet where you will receive an identification card authorizing your presence in the building.

2. Relate to the principal, or his/her agent, where and/or why you want to visit in order to ensure that the activities of interest are scheduled at a proper time and location.

3. Refrain from interrupting the instructional process in any way.

4. If you have questions relative to the teaching observed insofar as purpose, content, methodology, etc., you should air these questions at a mutually agreeable, private
    conference period between the teacher and visitor. If your concern is urgent in nature the principal may be available and able to give some immediate understanding of
    the situation. If your concern persists, a parent-teacher-principal conference should be requested relative to the problem.

5. The best approach between parents and school personnel is to always keep conferences child-centered. Follow the belief that we all have the best interests of students
    in mind. During the conference, the following questions may be appropriate: How do we cooperatively serve students best? Do we need to get additional information in
    order to compromise our feelings with the problem? How can we best follow up in the situation to ensure the school and home feel progress is being made in the

6. Unauthorized visitors and/or disruptive behavior on the part of visitors will need positive action on the part of school personnel to ensure the educational rights of all


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School-Community Relations 931.2 AAC
Adopted 12/5/75
Revised 7/14/88