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Board Policy 

I.       Rationale

        The Garrett County Board of Education recognizes that a studentís education is the responsibility held jointly by the school, family, and the community.  Only through cooperative, collaborative, and supportive efforts can our mission of schooling be achieved for all students.  Also through these efforts we can enhance the quality of life in our community and contribute to its development.

II.      Purpose 

      To affirm the Garrett County public school systemís commitment to the role of parents in their studentís education and to promote effective and appropriate parent and community involvement at all grade levels in the schools. 

III.    Goals 

      The Garrett County Board of Education will build capacity for parental involvement by encouraging and inviting parents to participate in the education of their students by 

 The six major types of parent involvement are:

1.   Communications between home and school on programs and student progress;

2.   Learning activities at home;

3.   Basic obligations of families, parenting skills, and home conditions to support learning;

4.   Volunteer opportunities;

5.   School decision making, including governance, committee work, and parent organizations; and

6.  Collaborating with the community to coordinate resources and services.

      The Garrett County Board of Education will develop community involvement in the educational system by

  • encouraging the use of community resources and volunteers to augment the schoolís programs.

  • developing educational partnerships between the schools and public and private service providers, business and industry, and civic and social service organizations.

  • using public education facilities for meeting the educational, social, health, cultural, and recreational needs of all ages and sectors of the community.

  • establishing community involvement processes in educational planning and decision making.

       The Garrett County Board of Education, consistent with this commitment, expects each local school to involve parents at all grade levels in a variety of roles.  It is the intent of the Board that each local school shall develop programs suitable to that school that are designed to:

  • Develop activities and materials that provide for effective two-way communication between parents and the school on local school policies and individual student progress.

  • Provide programs that assist parents in learning how they can help students learn, including activities that are connected to what students are learning in the classroom.

  • Help parents develop parenting skills and foster conditions at home that support their studentís efforts in learning.

  • Support and encourage parental volunteer opportunities.

  • Involve parents in instructional and support roles; support parents as decision makers and develop their leadership in governance, advisory, and advocacy roles; and work with PTA/PTO leadership to ensure parental input.

IV.    Title I Requirements

            An advisory committee, with representatives from each Title I school, will meet annually to jointly update the districtís Parent Involvement Policy.  In addition, each school must have a written Parent Involvement Policy, developed with and approved by parents.  The Garrett County Board of Education supports the Title I program and the Title I Coordinator will ensure that the following requirements are met:

  1. An annual meeting for parents will be held every fall at each Title I school.

  2. Parents will be given a copy of the current Parental Involvement Policy along with other information regarding Title I.

  3. Representative parents will participate on each Title I School Improvement Team.

  4. Parents will have an opportunity to review annual adjustments to parent compacts.

  5. Principals will clarify communications to ensure that materials sent home are understood by parents.

  6. Meetings, workshops and trainings for parents will be held at convenient times.

 V.       Assessment

      The superintendent will assess the status of parental involvement, review existing policies, and develop necessary procedures to support this policy, including a review of staff and budget.

VI.       Review

      This policy will be reviewed on a periodic basis as determined by the Board of Education.

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