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Last Updated: 6/14/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure


A. Architect/Engineering Firm (A/E) is a designation reserved usually by law, for a person or organization professionally qualified and duly licensed to perform architectural
    and/or engineering services, including but not necessarily limited to analysis of project requirements, creation and development of the project design, preparation of
    drawings, specifications, and bidding requirements. It may also be an individual or firm offering professional services as both Architect & Engineers.

B. A capital improvement is any physical betterment or improvement and any preliminary studies and surveys relative thereto, including, but not limited to, any property of
    permanent nature, and equipment needed in connection with such improvement.

C. Interagency Committee on Public School Construction (IAC) is the state agency responsible for the review/approval of construction documents and funding of schools or
    school construction project.


A. The regulations and procedures apply to all capital construction projects requiring contracts, consultants agreements, or other obligations in excess of $15,000.

B. The following rules will govern administration of the selection process by which architectural and engineering services are procured.

    1. All projects for which design services will be sought will be included in an approved capital improvement program.

    2. All plan specifications and related documents for each construction project will be developed under the supervision and responsibility of an architect or engineer who
        is licensed or registered in the state of Maryland, qualified Public Schools staff, or approved qualified consultants.

    3. Public notice shall be given of intention to procure architectural and engineering services for each project except that in special cases the Superintendent may
        recommend waiver of the public notice and institute an abbreviated process when the estimated project cost is less than $500,000 for construction, when plans for
        previous capital projects are to be site adapted and revised, or because of the other extenuating circumstances.

    4. Applicants for the design of capital projects will be thoroughly screened and evaluated.

    5. Selection of consultants for such projects will be approved by the Public Schools upon recommendation by the Superintendent.

    6. The selection process shall contain at least the following:

        a. Pre-qualification of architectural and engineering firms.
        b. Provision for application.
        c. Qualification screening of applicants.
        d. Fee negotiation.
        e. Final selection.


A.  The selection process will consist of the following steps:

    A. Pre-qualification

        A.  An architect/engineer (A/E) firm can pre-qualify to provide professional services by submitting two copies of U.S. Government Standard Form 254 and/or other
             prequalification documents to:

Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Operations
Garrett County Public Schools
40 South Fourth Street
Oakland, Maryland 21550

            This form may be submitted annually until May 1. Firms should submit supplementary information, such as, major changes in project experience, whenever

        B. Pre-qualified firms with current forms on file will receive notification of projects for which qualifications appear applicable.

        C. Upon notice of pre-qualification, the Director shall furnish each pre-qualified A/E firm a description of the projects in the approved capital program, a description
            of the process A/E firms must follow to be considered for selection, as well as evaluative criteria upon which A/E selection will be based.

A. Public Notice

    At selected times each approved project in the current year's capital program will be advertised in at least one local newspaper soliciting application for
    architect/engineer services. The information may also be disseminated at the same time to F. W. Dodge Information Systems and American Institute of Architects.

    The Director shall conduct a pre-qualification evaluation for those firms not already qualified within 15 days of the receipt of 254's.

B. Qualification and Initial Selection

    1. All applications from architect/engineer firms will be reviewed by a selection committee. As a result of these reviews, appropriate firms may be interviewed.

    2. The Selection committee will be chaired by the Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations. Committee members will include the Superintendent of Schools,
        Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations, Director of Finance and Personnel, and one Garrett County citizen from the area in which the project is to be
        constructed. Additional members may be appointed at the discretion of the Superintendent.

    3. The committee will recommend an appropriate firm based on:

        a. General competence,
        b. Past performance,
        c. Firm size and composition,
        d. Current work,
        e. Special qualifications to perform the work required for the specific project.

    4. The selection effort will seek a balance between firms which have performed well for the school system on past projects an attempt to distribute work among qualified
        architects and engineers.

    5. The committee will identify at least three firms in priority order, deemed capable of performing the required work.

C. Fee Negotiations

    1. The Superintendent will negotiate an agreement with the firm ranked number one by the selection committee.

    2. Prior to the start of negotiations, the firm shall prepare a technical proposal based on the complete scope of work including special and unique management
        approached, involvement of principals and consultants, and a proposed schedule, together with a detailed breakdown of proposed fees for all A/E services.

    3. Negotiations will center upon mutual understanding of the scope of work, of basic service fees by project phase, expectations as to specific architect and consultant
        costs, and the level of activity and fees for each phase. Additional service rates, by discipline, will also be established during this negotiation.

    4. The type of fee shall be limited to one of the following:

        a. Lump sum
        b. A percentage of the construction contract awarded in accordance with the fee schedule shown on proposal.
        c. An hourly not-to-exceed contract amount.

    5. Should the Superintendent be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the firm ranked first at a price considered to be fair and reasonable, negotiations shall
        be formally terminated. The Superintendent shall then undertake negotiations with the second-ranked firm, and if necessary, the third-ranked firm.

D. Final Appointment

    The Superintendent will forward his recommendation to the Public Schools. If the Board rejects the recommendation, it will go back for review and further action by
    the Superintendent. All firms under consideration during this phase will be notified by letter of appointment.

Attachment to PROCUREMENT OF ARCHITECTURAL and Engineering Services

Sources: Public School Construction Program


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