Policies and Procedures Handbook

Last Updated: 6/14/2005
Garrett County Public Schools
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Administrative Procedure

Prior to the Audit (by PSCP)

1. Equipment acquired with State funds may not be transferred or moved from the facility as approved to any other facility without prior written approval of the Interagency
    Committee (IAC).

2. Items may be temporarily located at another school or public building for less than 30 days without written approval of the IAC, but written documentation must be
    available at the original school to support the temporary loan.

3. Items can be approved by the IAC for transfer between unaudited State funded projects if the Local Education Agency (LEA) has not claimed reimbursement up to the
    limit of the State's equipment allocation for the receiving school project.

4. Items which the LEA transfers will reduce the allocation and expenditures of the sending school and increase the allocation (if required) and the expenditures of the
    receiving school. In no case will this increase exceed the percentage allowed for the project as established in an approved capital improvement program.

5. Items will not generally be approved by the IAC for transfer from an unaudited State funded project to a school that was not constructed or renovated with State funds
    since 1971.

6. If items are transferred without the approval of the IAC or if the items transferred to a receiving school exceed the established State allocation, the items are subject to
    a backcharge for local funding.

After the Audit (by PSCP)

1. The LEA should maintain records of where (in which building, not space within a building) the movable equipment purchased with State funds is located for a period of
    at least fifteen (15) years from the date of purchase.

2. The LEA may not transfer items from an audited state funded project to an unaudited State funded project without prior written approval of the IAC. Documentation of
    this transfer must be on file in the school.

All requests for the transfer of equipment from one building to another must be made to the Supervisor of Maintenance and Operations.

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